Homeschool Teen Halloween Dance
Friday October 26th

Ethical Humanist Society
7574 N Lincoln
Skokie, IL 60077

$10 at the door

Pizza and soda will be served
Halloween costumes optional
Questions – juliwalter.billings@gmail.com

Teen club at Youmedia (bottom floor of the Harold Washington library, 400 S State St  Chicago)is starting its fall program next week. There is an open house for parents and students Sept. 13th 1:30-3:30pm to come get a tour of the facility and an introduction to some of the projects they will be working on.

Here are the details from Matt: This past week, by the suggestion of several of the students we created artist trading cards.  The next projects that we have coming up focus on the projects that the library as a whole is working on and reflect a teen driven program that fits into the library curriculum.  Our schedule for the next eight weeks goes something like this:

Sept. 13: Orientation for the parents of incoming students
Sept. 20: Facing History and Ourselves tour and short reflection
Sept. 27: Start work on stop-motion film and other FHaO artwork
Oct. 4: Finish work on stop-motion film and other FHaO artwork
Oct. 11: Either extra day of work on stopmotion film or Jam session (Music)
Oct. 18: Begin One Book One Chicago work and planning
Oct. 25: Continue One Book, One Chicago – Book binding or photo tour
Nov. 1: Finish One Book, One Chicago art and programming

Its possible that the One Book, One Chicago programming will go longer than three weeks depending on how many projects the kids want to do surrounding the material.  The selection for this fall is The Book Thief.  We should have plenty of copies for the kids to check out and read.  I know that several of the students who are regulars have already read it and found it to be a very intense and thought provoking book with lots of ideas to work with.

One last reminder that you can send out to the other parents is to bring the required materials to make a library card if their student does not have one already.  Basically, if they have a state ID, that will be sufficient to make a card.  If not, any picture ID and proof of address can work instead.

Looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the new students!

Matthew Jensen


Improv & Debate offered by Greg



Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Jason Sudeikis – SNL, 30 Rock.

Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers – Saturday Night Live.

Neil Flynn – Scrubs, Mean Girls.

Jack McBrayer, Scott Adsit – 30 Rock.

Mike Meyers – SNL, Shrek, Austin Powers, Wayne’s World.

Learn What They Learned Where They Learned!
Wednesdays Sept. 19th-Nov. 7th at iO Theatre
13yrs and up class meets 1:30pm-4pm

End of session performance on Monday, 11/12

Tuition is only $200 per 8-week session.

REGISTER ONLINE NOW by clicking here.

For more information or to register, call Training Center Director Lee Brackett at 773-880-0199 or emailclasses@ioimprov.com.  SIBLING DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE!


Greg Callozzo is a working Chicago performer and director.  First attracted to improv because there’s no lines to memorize, he discovered the work of Viola Spolin, who introduced the use of games while working with children at Hull House in the 1920s.  Also inspired by Del Close’s infusion of jazz and intelligence into pure improvisation, Greg played and studied at iO.  After playing on Neapolitan (Best New Harold Team, 2010) he works at creating live theatre.  He’s developed and led custom workshops for Madison Public Schools, Chicago Park District, and many homeschool groups.






Thursdays Sept. 20th-Nov. 8th at Harold Washington Library Center
13yrs and up class meets 10am-Noon

End of session debate

Pay what you can

Contact me directly with questions and to sign up.  Gregcallozzo@yahoo.com or call (608) 334 – 7731.


Elmhurst Park District
Home School Science Classes
This program will utilize a “one room school house” style, where multiple instructors work with various age groups during lab exercises and other activities. Parents are welcome to watch and participate.

Thursday Sept. 6-27 Introduction to Biology K-6
Friday Sept. 7-28 Introduction to Biology 7-12
Thursday Oct. 4-25 Entomology: Insects and Other Bugs K-6
Friday Oct. 5-26 Entomology: Insects and Other Bugs 7-12
Thursday Nov. 1-29* Botany: The Study of Plants K-6
Friday Nov. 2-30* Botany: The Study of Plants 7-12
*No class on 11/22 or 11/23
Where: Eldridge Park Nature Center:
363 Commonwealth Elmhurst, IL 60126

When: 12:30PM-2:30PM

Classes cost $40 resident/ $50 non-resident. Each session includes four 2-hr classes.
Please visit www.epd.org or call Matt Poole at 630-993-8980

Piano Lessons with Alex Rowney

Playing a musical instrument requires hard work, musical theory and passion. Alex has put all three plus some energy in to his music career and he is available to teach homeschooled kids this fall. Here is his bio. Please contact him directly for more details.

Alexander Rowney

A native of New York, Alex began his music

studies at the piano at the age of 7 after breaking his

arm, relieving him of having to go to baseball

practice and preparing the way for a career path in

the Classical arts.

He has always treasured music in his life

and has attempted and succeeded at it and integrate

it into his life in any way possible. From playing

trumpet and French horn in school band, to

developing music for film and to creating his own

experimental electronic pop music in addition to

playing in an array of rock, pop, folk, and electronic

bands, Alex has experience from many different

angles. He was able to teach himself pipe organ

after being hired as a musician for St. Andrew’s

Pentecost Church in Evanston. He currently tutors

music theory and ear training students at Harold

Washington College.

Alex completed his Bachelor degree at

Northwestern University and his Master’s degree at

Manhattan School of Music, both with majors in

Classical Piano Performance. During junior year at

Northwestern, he decided to study abroad in Vienna,

Austria with the IES program. He is a fluent German


Alex puts students at the focus and cares

genuinely for their success. He reminds his students

to view life as a process of learning, filled with new

discoveries each day. He helps students to learn

awareness in many forms and stresses development

of critical thinking, problem solving, and creative


Alexander Rowney

Piano Instructor



Piano Instructor

Performance Coach

Free Trial Lesson/Interview

We will get to know one another and discuss teacher

and student expectations. The first lesson is free!

Private Lessons

60 minute lessons are recommended. The pace is

kept moving so the full hour is truly worth it! 45

minute and 30 minute lessons are also offered. For

those interested, lessons may be given more than

once per week. Lessons may include many activities:

Piano technique

Body awareness

Music Theory


Music History


Practice Method Development

Use of up-to-date composition/notation

and digital recording software such as

Garage Band or Ableton Live

Lessons can be given in your home or at my

apartment, whichever you prefer.

I am pausing one moment in the height of summer bliss to look forward to the smorgasbord of classes we will be privy to this fall. I will do additional posts about offerings as they crop up, but here is a large sampling of what is going on so far. PLEASE do not contact me about any of these classes and lessons personally (except for the one writer’s workshop I am leading for AJCW workshops). Each class/lesson/workshop/meeting should have a contact person with their info listed. If you are offering a class and I missed it please email me the details at kimATkimzyn.com

Quick Guide:


Tween Ballet

Edge Theater


Emily Oaks Nature Scouting Around for Homeschoolers

Clay Class

Drama Folk Tales with Amy Eaton

Homeschool High School Classes

Edge Theater


Improv at Chicago’s Best Improv Comedy

Edge Theater

NUG Parent Meetings (2nd Wednesdays)

AJCW workshops

Teen Club Youmedia


MSA Circus Arts


For more details get ready to scroll down for awhile:

Fall Homeschooling activities 2012 Chicago area


Preteen ballet class by Wini

Hi, everyone,

I am pleased to announce a new Beginning Ballet class for kids, ages 11
to 14. The class will be taught by your’s truly. It is designed for
pre-teens who want to learn basic beginning ballet, but don’t want to be
in a class with 6 year olds. We will cover all the ballet basics from
plie to port de bras to pas de chat. We’ll learn ballet vocabulary and
maybe even make up a short dance or 2. On the last day of class we will
have a short, informal showing of what the dancers have learned.

Here are the details:

Beginning Ballet for 11 to 14 year olds
Ages 11 to 14+
(note: this class is probably not appropriate for dancers who’ve taken 2
or more years of ballet)
Mondays, 12:30pm to 1:45pm
September 24 to November 26 (10 weeks)
Showing: Monday, November 26, 12:30
Chicago Ballet Center
3433 W. Diversey, Chicago
Fee: $135, includes 9 lessons and a showing on Monday, Nov 26
Questions? wini@winifredhaun.org or 708-524-1262

To register, send email to: wini@winifredhaun.org with your child’s
name, age, and your contact info (your name, email, phone). You can
also call 773-454-9843. Please bring a check made payable to “Winifred
Haun & Dancers” on the first day of class.
Let me know if you have any questions!

See you at the barre,
Winifred Haun
Winifred Haun& Dancers


Edge Theater Classes with Orion

Fall 2012 Three Day Line up! lease note there are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday classes listed here:


Monday afternoon Class
Session 1 11:00-12:30 D and D- Sherwood
Session 2 12:45-2:00 Guts and Gore
Session 3 2:15-4:00 Lost Boys Scene Study

Monday at Right Brain theatre on Irving and Ravenswood

D and D Sherwood Forest-
Prince John and Guy of Guisborne aren’t the only evil lurking these ancient woods. Will the band of adventurers have what it takes to survive Sherwood’s shadowy depths? Only one way to find out! This class will mix the fun of Dungeons and Dragons with medieval mythology and art.

Instructor: Rick Olson.
Ages 8 and up.
6 participant minimum, 8 maximum.
Reading and actively doing quest work (aka home work) required.
Characters will be assigned to you partially generated. Synopsis of overall story will be featured in the program for Robin Hood & Character Bios will be displayed on Lobby Wall.
7 Weeks. (Skipping October 22) 11:00am -12:30pm.

Gore and Guts-

It’s science! It’s math! It’s blood and gore! Taught by area fight director and special effects expert Greg Pojacik and his company Blood Works, learn about molecular bonding while pulling out your own entrails! A class on creating special effects gore just in time for Halloween and the upcoming production of Lost Boys!

Instructors: Greg Pojacik and Orion Couling.
Ages 9 and up.
8 participant minimum, 10 maximum.
$25.00 props fee.
7 Weeks. (Skipping October 22) 11:00am -12:30pm.

Lost Boys scene study
Leads will rehearse the intricate structure of dramatic theatre. This will break down character and scene study, continuing the work of the Lost Boys Wednesday night rehearsals.
Must be part of the current production of Lost Boys.
Price included in Featured cast.
See Wednesday class details.

All Tuesday Classes at Ethical Humanist Society 7574 N. Lincoln Avenue Skokie, IL 60077

session 1 10:00-11:15 am Madrigal/ Tech/ Battle Blasters
Session 2 11:25-12:30 Robin Hood Full Ensemble
Session 3 1-2:30 Robin Hood Sr Ensemble/ Castle Chaos
Session 4 2:35-4:00 Quarterstaff

Glee – Madrigal Magic.
Join our resident maestro, David Zizic, as we explore music from the medieval times. This music will be featured in the up and coming production of Robin Hood. The powerful tones of this time period reverberate throughout the centuries. A class to challenge the singer and and give the beginner a crash course (in armor) and a leg up (over a jousting steed)!

Instructor: David Zizic.
10 participants minimum, 30 maximum.
Ages 8 and up.
Reading is a must.
8 weeks. 10:00-11:15 am. September 11th-October 30th.

Battle Blasters: the Crusades.
A time of sweeping and bloody warfare.Will the holy lands change hands? And just who is the invader? The moral question of war is vividly brought to life as we explore medieval tactics and weaponry in blazing Nerf combat!

Instructors: Orion Couling and Rick Olson.
Ages 5 and up.
10 participants minimum.
Must bring Nerf broadsword or equivalent.
If you do not possess an acceptable prop, there is an additional props fee of $35.00 and it will be supplied. You will keep your prop.
Using Nerf Vantage and Stone Wall Shield.
8 weeks. 10:00-11:15 am. September 11th-October 30th.

Tech and Design-

This class is meant for the self-motivated young person who wishes to delve further into the world of technical theatre for the upcoming production of Robin Hood. This team will work beneath our tech designers to implement their designs. Focusing on scenic painting, lighting design and sound design. Tech team (if not in the cast) is crew for the production of Robin Hood.

Instructor: Glenese Hand
8 participants minimum, 12 maximum.
Ages 12 and up.
10 Weeks. 10:00-11:15 am. September 11th-November 13th .
Performance dates: November 15th, 16th & 17th.

Robin Hood and Mary’s Men – Full Ensemble

When Robin Hood is said to have died in the crusades, Maid Marian takes on his mantle to fight the tyranny in her country. The distinctive green hat and beard become a symbol of resistance and bravery. As she assembles the poor into a force to be reckoned with, Prince John’s iron fist smashes down even harder. Will Mary and her men have what it takes to bring freedom back to Nottingham? A bold, new version of the show written by Orion Couling will, of course, feature the clash of weapons and just a touch of romance!

Instructors: Orion Couling, Rick Olson, Glenese Hand.
16 participants minimum, 40 maximum.
Ages 5 and up – reading is a plus.
10 Weeks. 11:25 am -12:30 pm. September 11th-November 13th.
Performance dates: November 15th, 16th & 17th.
Casting will be a combination of organic casting from first read-through and time set aside during Quarterstaff’s first day to read anyone who wants to display newly developed skills or unseen talents.
Registration is $125.00. (If cast in Sr. Ensemble, an additional balance of $25 will be due.)

Robin Hood and Mary’s Men- Sr. Ensemble

The older ensemble members and leads will take a closer look at blocking and scene work of the epic main stage. Please see casting notes above. All who register with in age requirements will be cast.

Instructors: Orion Couling, Rick Olson, Glenese Hand.
16 participants minimum.
Ages 11 and up ( unless cast as a lead )
10 Weeks. 1:00-2:30 pm. September 11th-November 13th .
Performance dates November 15th, 16th & 17th.
$150.00 (this price includes Full Ensemble rehearsal)

Castle Chaos and Construction-
This new class will explore castles from the roots up. How were they built? What made them so awesome? Explore trellises and portcullis, build drawbridges and moats! Culminating in you designing your own castle for display before Robin Hood!

Instructors: Orion Couling and Rick Olson.
Sharp utensils will be used in this class.
Active parent participants welcome to sign up as a partner for an additional fee.
Ages 5 and up.
10 participant minimum, 20 maximum.
$30.00 prop fee required.
8 weeks. 1:00-2:15 pm. September 11th-October 30th.
$100.00. (Active parent add on: $10.00.)

Quarterstaff academy .

This class has been a long time coming. Explore the ancient weapon of quarterstaff in stage combat. This academy-level class is meant to be taught to the standards of Dueling Arts International and will be geared towards testing in the end of the class. Not for the feint of heart, body or spirit but open to anyone.

Instructor: Orion Couling, Rick Olson, Glenese Hand.
Ages 11 and up.
8 participant minimum, 12 maximum.
Please note: Due to the size of this prop, some of this class will be practiced outdoors. Dressing for inclement weather will be a must.
Additional props fee of $25.00 for 6 foot wax wood staff. Participants will keep their prop.
If participant already owns comparable staff, it must be cleared through Orion at time of registration.
9 weeks. 2:35-4:00pm. (Please note class ends sharply at 4 pm.) September 11th-November 6th.
$140.00. (Additional testing fee for DAI required.)


Monday at Right Brain theatre on Irving and Ravenswood
4001 N. Ravenswood Chicago, IL 60613

Lost Boys: Second City – First Blood
In a re-touched version set in Chicago, new playwright Louise Upchurch joins veteran adapter Orion Couling. This 80’s cult classic will be licked by the velvety vampiric satirical tongue as it is staged over 8 weeks. This show follows the age old story: Boy moves to new town. Boy meets Girl. Girl is part of Vampire Coven. Boy becomes vampire. Boy’s brother joins forces with comic book loving culture rejects. Boy and brother hunt down Head Vampire. (You know that story.)
Due to the nature of the plot, it is essential that all potential cast members and parents/guardians watch the entire 80’s original and are comfortable with all content before auditioning.
Important Details
In our first Teen Academy Production there are two levels of commitment:
Featured Cast members will rehearse Monday afternoon and Wednesday evenings.
Ensemble cast will rehearse only Wednesday Evenings.
Auditions: September 3rd 2:15-7:00pm by appointment.
Must be 12 or older. (If younger but desperate to be in the show, e-mail Orion).
Must have watched all of the original movie and be comfortable with all content.
Auditions will be sides from the film and last approximately 5 minutes per person. You may be asked to stay and read for another part so having the freedom to stay longer is a plus.
All who audition will be cast.
Please email Orion if you are unable to make the audition date to discuss alternatives.
If only able to commit to Wednesday, please note in registration.
Registration is $100.00 down with final payment due the week after casting.
Do not make an appointment to audition if you can not accept an Ensemble Cast role.

Featured cast:
Mondays 2:15-4:00 pm, Wednesdays 5:00-7:00 pm. September 11th-October 2rd.
Ensemble cast:
Wednesdays 5:00-7:00 pm. Starting September 12th
All Ensemble:
Techs all day September 22nd. Techs Mandatory.
Performs two shows September 23rd. (Possible additional performances added.)

Please note the multiple day discount for this production works thusly:
If cast as a Featured Cast the cost is $200.00. Multiple class discounts and multiple child discounts apply. However, the multiple day discount does not.


Scoutin’ Around
For Homeschoolers

Explore the natural world, learn new skills, and have fun outdoors at Emily Oaks this fall! Sessions are held every Tuesday from 1:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m., unless otherwise noted. Students will be placed in one of two class groups based on age at time of enrollment (6-7 or 8-10 years old). At least a portion of every session will take place outside—please bring warm/waterproof layers and boots for the weather. Fees vary according to the session. After each session, participants will receive a resource page to encourage further exploration.

Pre-registration is required. Registration deadline for ALL fall sessions is Friday, September 7. Visit www.SkokieParks.org to register online for the entire fall season (all 10 sessions) or choose individual sessions. Or, if you prefer, visit Emily Oaks Nature Center to sign up in person. Payment will be due at the time of registration. Each session must have a minimum number of participants in order to run.

Any questions can be directed to Jill Flaherty, School-age Program Coordinator, who can be reached at (847) 674-1500, ext. 2525 or at JFlaherty@SkokieParks.org.

Week 1: September 11
BUT WHY? (6-7) (8-10) Res $9 / Non-Res $11.25
Join the fun as we ask and answer some of the complicated questions people have about the natural world, like, “Why does it look like that?” and “How does it do that?” Then impress your friends and family with the astounding answers!
Week 2: September 18
RESTORATION AT EMILY OAKS (6-7) (8-10) Res $9 / Non-Res $11.25
With the assistance of Emily Oaks Land Management Coordinator Jeff Weiss, we’ll learn how the plants and animals are doing at the nature center, and then help out, using tools and muscles! Children will participate in age-appropriate tasks with their group.

Week 3: September 25
AROUND THE POND (6-7) Res $9 / Non-Res $11.25
The Emily Oaks pond is an amazing place, and it is home to many plants and animals. Explore along the edge of the pond and use special tools to help you investigate the pond and its life. Please wear shoes and clothes that may get muddy or wet!

CANOEING AT EMILY OAKS (8-10) Res $10 / Non-Res $12.50
We’ll begin with a basic instructional course on canoe safety and paddling skills. Then we’ll load the canoes, two children per craft, and paddle around the pond at Emily Oaks! All canoeing equipment will be provided, including lifejackets and paddles.
Raindate: Wednesday, September 26, 1:15-3:15 p.m.

Week 4: October 2
COYOTE SECRETS (6-7) Res $9 / Non-Res $11.25
Learn more about the shy and fascinating coyotes that live among us at Emily Oaks and in our human neighborhoods. Search for evidence of coyotes at Emily Oaks and make a coyote craft to take home.

LASHING SKILLS, part 1 (8-10) Res $8 / Non-Res $10
Lashing is used to fasten sticks or poles together with twine or rope rather than nails. We’ll learn and practice the outdoor craft of lashing, along with a review of some basic knots. After this workshop, you’ll be ready for “Lashing Skills, part 2” next week or your next outdoor adventure!

Week 5: October 9
NATURE ART (6-7) Res $9 / Non-Res $11.25
Bring your creativity for an afternoon of using natural objects and elements to create works of art! We’ll try many forms of art, including sculpture, drawing, photography, dance, and acting, all in the great outdoors.

LASHING SKILLS, part 2 (8-10) Res $8 / Non-Res $10
After a brief review of our new lashing skills, we’ll work together to lash a table out of branches that will stay up all season in the woodland! Then we’ll gather around our table for a celebration of outdoor skills. Prerequisite: You must also enroll in “Lashing Skills, part 1” on October 2 in order to participate in this session.

Week 6: October 16
THE PATHS LESS-TRAVELLED (6-7) Res $8 / Non-Res $10
Explore the small, hidden paths at Emily Oaks with your group! Perform experiments to find out why we use paths, and who else travels on the paths here.

FALL HIKING TRIP (8-10) Res $20 / Non-Res $25
* Special Time! 12:00-3:15 p.m.
Put your knowledge and hiking shoes to work when we visit Heller Nature Center, a beautiful natural area with plenty of trails in Highland Park. We’ll meet at Emily Oaks and travel by 15-passenger van to Heller, and return to Emily Oaks by 3:15 for pickup as usual. Please eat lunch before arriving. Detailed information for parents (including supply list) will be distributed before the trip.

Week 7: October 23
A LOCAL HARVEST (6-7) (8-10) Res $9 / Non-Res $11.25
What’s happening in the gardens and farms in Illinois? Find out more about the local crops that are harvested during the fall and the people who work to make it all happen.

Week 8: October 30
THEY USED TO LIVE HERE (animals) (6-7) Res $9 / Non-Res $11.25
Bison, black bears, and bobcats used to roam the prairies and forests of Illinois. Learn some animal history and find out, “Where are they now?” and “Why aren’t they here?”

BLAST FROM THE PAST (archaeology) (8-10) Res $10 / Non-Res $12
Become a history-mystery-solver, using tools and techniques similar to those used by archaeologists all over the world. Put the hidden clues together to discover what life was like for people, animals, and plants in the not-so-distant past.

Week 9: November 6
EXTREME WEATHER (6-7) (8-10) Res $9 / Non-Res $11.25
Learn more about tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, and other extreme weather conditions…from the safety of Emily Oaks! We’ll perform a variety of science experiments and demonstrations to find out what causes extreme weather and how it affects us and people around the world.

Week 10: November 13
A BIT ABOUT PLANETS (6-7) (8-10) Res $8 / Non-Res $10
Explore the universe! Take a journey through the solar system with your class to find out what makes each planet (and other notable space objects) spectacular!


Clay Classes


All classes will meet @ Joyce Elias Studio
1210 Sherman Ave. Evanston
(h) 847.475.7992
(c) 847.337.6212

SCULPTURE (ages 6+)
Tuesday, Sept. 18 – Nov. 6
1:30 – 2:30
This course will begin at the Skokie Sculpture Garden. We will tour the
garden, learn about some of the sculptors, and their techniques. The second
week of class will begin work in the studio. Students will be creating
sculptures using wood, wire and plaster. As always, individual expression
is encouraged.

CLAY (ages 6+)
Wednesdays, Sept. 19 – Nov. 7
1:30 – 2:30
This is a hand building class. Students will work on a variety of projects
while exploring many different hand building techniques. Students will work
with terra cotta clay. All work will be glazed and fired.

FAMILY CLAY (all ages including teens and adults)
Saturday, Oct. 6, Nov. 3 and Dec. 1
10:30 – 12:00
$60 ( first family member) / $50 (each additional family member)

To sign up or for more info contact Joyce via email or phone


Drama Classes with Amy Eaton



Pigeons with Teeth is excited to announce our fall workshops in acting (Baba Yaga) and original collaborative and/ or solo performance(Hootenanny):


WHO?:                 Young people between the ages of 9 and 17

WHAT?:             Folk Tale Hootenanny! Who tells a Folk or Fairy Tale and why? Are these really kids stories? Do you know the version of Cinderella where one stepsister cuts off her heel and then the other one cuts off her  toes to fit the slipper and they only get found out  after they bleed through the shoe? Yeesh. These stories are grisly, unforgiving, and a lot of these characters- well, they’ve got some serious issues.


We will take a look at a number of tales in their original version as well as examine how others have interpreted them- from Anne Sexton’s “Transformations” to Shelley Duvall’s Fractured Fairy Tales, “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs”, Michael Buckley’s “The Sisters Grimm” series, the list goes on. While some of these stories are dark and pretty mature, the workshop will aim to challenge and excite the most mature Pigeons while challenging and engaging  the youngest Pigeons.


What stories are relevant to the world we live in right now? To our own lives? To the culture we live in? Pigeons will have the opportunity to retell and reinvent tales as creators and/or collaborators in the form of short plays, scenes, songs, story theater, monologues, jokes, poems- or whatever form they want. As we develop the tales, they will receive extensive feedback to strengthen their stories. After the 5th week, we will take a two week break to allow for editing and polishing and then jump back into rehearsal.

Baba Yaga! We will also be performing a hilarious, updated, never-before-performed-by-human-actors version of the Eastern European tale Baba Yaga. This adaptation was written by local playwright Jack Helbig.

WHERE?:  Prop THTR- 3502 N Elston, Chicago. Easy to get to from the I90/94 Addison exit or CTA.

WHEN?: NEW DAY!! TUESDAYS 10 Sessions! September 18- December 10 (no class 10/23 & 10/30 break to allow writers time to edit; no class 11/22 thanksgiving week)


PERFORMANCES? This project is being submitted to the Curious Theater Branch’s Rhino Fest, the largest and most exciting fringe theater festival in the midwest. If we are accepted, performances would be in mid January- mid February. If we don’t get a slot in the festival, we would have two performances  the week of December 10

WHAT TIME? 10:30-2 Half hour lunch break at noon.

HOW MUCH?    $150 for the full 3 hours.

$100 for am or pm only


Payment plans available if needed. As a fellow homeschooling parent offering workshops to our community in my professional discipline, I aim to keep my prices as low as I possibly can.


Note: While this workshop will work best if you do the full 3 hours, there is also an option to do only the 10:30-12 slot or the 12:30 -2 slot. This will likely mean participation in either the Hootenanny OR Baba Yaga, but not both (up to Amy’s discretion)


 WHAT ELSE: For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a homeschooling mom of 2 boys. I have been working with young people for the past 24 years in theater and inter-disciplinary performance. In 2005, I founded Mudlark Theater Company in Evanston (adventurous theater by young people for everyone). Prior to that, I served as Artistic Director at Evanston Children’s Theater for 4 seasons. I’ve taught for many arts organizations In Chicago including Urban Gateways, Gallery 37, Tellin’ Tales Theatre and Old Town School of Folk Music. Grown up work includes Barrie Cole’s most recent play, “I Love You Permanently” and directing Tekki Lomnicki’s solo show, “Blurred Vision: The Relapse”. I graduated from Ithaca College with a BFA in Acting and a Writing minor.

QUESTIONS? INTERESTED IN SIGNING UP?          Contact amyceaton@gmail.com or 773-209-2047


Homeschool High School Classes in Skokie



Hello, parents of homeschooled teens!  We had a wonderful first year of classes and are looking forward to our second.  We meet on Tuesdays at Lakeside Church, 3939 West Howard Street, Skokie.  Classes meet from early afternoon to evening to allow drivers to avoid
rush hour on both ends and to accommodate teen sleep schedules 🙂

Our starting point is great teachers, true experts in their fields who are
passionate about sharing their knowledge with our students.  Our
proximity to Northwestern University and its scholars and resources is a great asset, and has given us two of our three wonderful instructors
for this year.

The goal is to offer classes for serious students, but not to duplicate
regular AP or honors course readily available elsewhere.  At the same
time, we recognize that AP courses and exams are useful credentials for
homeschoolers applying to college.  Our intention in offering AP classes – Economics and Music Theory this year – is to offer a true
college-level class, richer than a standard AP course, but that prepares those interested in taking the exam to do so.  In Negotiations and
Diplomatic Theory we have a unique class, ordinarily taught at the law
school level if at all, offering our students a chance to round out
their transcripts with a rigorous course not found in any high

In our second year, we are still in startup mode, with one class in each
time slot.  Students are welcome to take one, two or all three classes.  The schedule is as follows:

12:30-2:15 PM   Music Theory with Martha Yelenosky, founder of her own music school and faculty member at Northwestern Music Academy: https://marthapianostudio.musicteachershelper.com/bio
The class will take place at Martha’s state-of-the-art piano studio,
located minutes from Lakeside Church.  Transportation from the studio to the next class will be arranged.

2:30-4:30 PM    Economics with Scott Ogawa, PhD candidate in Economics and Instructor at Northwestern

4:30-5:30 PM    Dinner break

5:30-7:30 PM    Negotiations and Diplomatic Theory with MUN advisor extraordinaire,
Morgan Celik, JD, instructor at both the undergraduate and graduate

The classes are followed, from 7:30-9:30, by a meeting of the Chicagoland
Model United Nations Club, an award-winning independent high school MUN
club to which many of our students belong. (For more information,
contact Morgan Celik at tallynsheart@yahoo.com)

The Advanced Placement courses will be submitted to the College Board for
certification, so that you can identify them as AP courses on your
students’ transcripts.  We will have detailed course descriptions
available soon, and are working on scheduling an Open House so that
families can see the facility and meet the instructors.  In the
meantime, some brief descriptions:

Music Theory
The name doesn’t begin to suggest the range of skills developed and honed
in this course – dictation, score analysis, part-writing,
sight-singing.  The College Board states that “Ideally, music theory
instruction might take place in a piano lab” but then goes on to acknowledge that is probably impossible and outline
alternatives.  Our course, however, really will take place in a piano
lab!  Martha’s lab has seven pianos and we are limiting enrollment to
fourteen students to maximize their hands-on time.  In addition to the
considerable prescribed skill set, we are expanding the music
appreciation component of the curriculum.

This course is designed for those who want a rigorous introduction to the
economic way of thinking.  With that said, it will also make an effort
to pique student interest, especially among those who may
(understandably) be skeptical of what the discipline of economics has to offer. An emphasis will be placed on simple yet serious examples.  The main method of teaching will be interactive discussions.

Negotiations and Diplomatic Theory
Everyone negotiates.  Whether you are convincing your parents to pay half for that car or deciding
where to meet with your friends, you are engaged in a negotiation.
That’s all it is.  Labeling an interaction as a negotiation can raise
hackles as images of cutthroat games and backroom deals come to mind.  Admittedly that is part of the terrain.  Most negotiations are creative
problem-solving opportunities and chances to relate to others on a
deeper level. Learning how to identify such opportunities will open new doors and knowing what to do when the door
opens will contribute to long-term success.  The first semester will
help students identify the opportunities and practice new skills.

Negotiation is the key skill in a diplomat’s life.  During the second semester,
students will apply their skills in more complex diplomatic situations.  Students will learn the history of the foreign ministry system and the
complex web of international representation.  Case studies and guest
speakers will help students discover the pressures of the diplomatic
life and the extent to which states will go to manage relations.

* * * * * * * * *
Classes will begin October 2, and meet for 25 weeks, a 10-week fall semester and a 15 week winter/spring one, ending April 30.

The social aspect of the group is important, but we also want to ensure that students participate fully in class and complete assigned homework and projects.  Students will be asked to sign a learning contract to this effect.

These are drop-off classes, for which the minimum age for participation is 13.  Students not taking a class in a given block will have access to quiet space
with internet access to participate in an online course or do other

We are working to keep fees as low as possible, a challenge given our small size as a startup and
our commitment to getting the best teachers, who need to be compensated
for their time.  With particular concern for making this affordable for those
taking multiple classes and families with more than one student
attending, we’ve developed the following tuition schedule.  A 10% discount will be given to those paying a full year’s tuition in October.

1 student, 1 class:        $150 fall, $225 spring ($15 per class per week)

1 student, 2 classes:     $225 fall, $350 spring ($12 per class per week)
1 student, 3 classes:     $300 fall, $450 spring ($10 per class per week)2 students, 1 class:       $225 fall, $350 spring ($12 per class per week)
2 students, 2 classes:    $350 fall, $525 spring ($9 per class per week)
2 students, 3 classes:    $475 fall, $700 spring ($8 per class per week)
We are excited about the upcoming year and hope to see many of you in the fall.  If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please email any one of listed below.

Please feel free to forward to other lists and groups to whom are our classes may be of interest.


Tricia Borg  pcbroborg@yahoo.com
Julia Denne  jkdenne@aol.com
Katie Wokosin kwokosin@uwalumni.com


Improv Comedy


iO is pleased to offer a new YOUTH AND TEEN program, built especially to prepare youths and teens for advanced ensemble play. Make friends and have fun while learning how to play and perform iO’s signature long form, the Harold. All levels are movement and participation based. Our philosophy? The best way to learn is to do and PLAY!

YOUTHS, 8-12yo
The iO Youth Program will introduce pre-teens (starting with 8-12yo) to the fundamentals of improvisation (basic stage-craft, understanding vocal/physical choices, presence, focus), developing communication skills (listening, sharing, give/take), while building confidence, and improving teamwork. Short-form games, scene work, and fun…it’s the ideal way to learn to improvise.

Wednesdays Sept. 19th-Nov. 7th
8yrs-12yrs class meets 10am-12:30pm
End of session performance on Monday, 11/12

Tuition is only $200 per 8-week session.

TEENS 13yo+
Teens are introduced to the building blocks of ensemble work: agreement, scenes, character development, and playing at the top of their intelligence. Based on principles first recognized and applied by Del Close, teens will play their way into understanding and executing the iO signature long-form, the Harold. Making offers, agreements, and connections… all while being supportive and supported by others. Challenging and fun.

Wednesdays Sept. 19th-Nov. 7th
13yrs and up class meets 1:30pm-4pm
End of session performance on Monday, 11/12

Tuition is only $200 per 8-week session.

REGISTER ONLINE NOW by clicking here.

Have several children to enroll? $25 sibling discounts are available ($175 per student per session). For more information or to register, call Training Center Director Lee Brackett at 773-880-0199 or email classes@ioimprov.com.
NOTE: To enroll multiple students from the same household and wish to obtain the sibling discount, you must call the training center to register at 773-880-0199!

iO FALL 2012 Youth and Teen Program
Wednesdays Sept. 19th-Nov. 7th
8yrs-12yrs class meets 10am-12:30pm
13yrs and up class meets 1:30pm-4pm
Culminates in a performance at 7pm Monday, November 12th
$200 per student
$175 per student if enrolling more than one child in the same household


 Northside Unschoolers Parents meetings



Hello everyone,

Mark your calendars! We will be resuming Parents Support Meetings next
month on a NEW DAY!

We will meet on *2nd Wednesday* of every month, starting Sept. 12 from 7 to
9 pm.

Meetings will be held at Irving Park United Methodist Church, conveniently
located at *3801 N. Keeler (enter at Grace)*, just off the Irving Park stop
on the Blue Line, and the corresponding Kennedy exit. There is plenty of
street parking.

I will post a detailed schedule with meeting topics very shortly.


Justyna Frank
Justyna Frank [justyna@rapidtransitcycles.com]


 Teen Club at Youmedia

Thursdays 1pm-3pm

Teenagers gather to socialiaze and to work together on media projects at the teen center called Youmedia on the first floor of the Harold Wahsington library. Staff  guided projects and mentoring as well as independent work. There is no cost for this program but there is access to the media equipment such as cameras, computers, musical equipment, video games  and film equipment. Location: 400 South State Street, Chicago, IL 60605

AJCW Homeschool Workshops


This line up of amazing classes below is for the first 6 weeks, Sept. 6th through Oct. 11th.

Classes meet at the Ethical Humanist Society at 7574 N. Lincoln, Skokie, IL.

All registration is held by the facilitating teacher personally and contact information is listed for each specific class. General questions emailed to Amy at: mommy@nakitababy.com.


Thursdays, Sept. 6th through Oct. 11th, 10:00am – 11:00am:


Little’s Art
Little’s Art is geared towards children 3 years of age on up to 7 years with two main guided take-home projects each week, exploring several different mediums each week! The rooms are set up for a fun-filled hour of exploration (in addition to the main project) with sensory stations to work on fine motor skills though beading, drawing, painting, collage construction, stamping, play dough, stickers and much more! Parents are invited to attend. Class is taught by art enthusiasts extraordinaire, homeschooling moms Jen Kafizov and Amy Jarjusey.
Class minimum: 5 children ages 3-7 years.
Cost: $55 per child for the full 6 week session. Drop in fee $10.
Questions, information or to register contact Amy Jarjusey and Jen Kafizov: tikistanford@yahoo.com  (PAYPAL is accepted for this class.)


Games Galore!
Do you have siblings benefiting from other classes during this 10-11am session time and you’d like something to do?! Well, come on out and enjoy an hour of board games, puzzles and more with friends! Bring one of your favorites each week to share with others, and learn new games from the new friends you make! This is a casual drop-in game time that will run for the full 6 week session. Class is supervised by Miriam de Castelnau, homeschooling mother of two. Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay and play as well!
Cost: *Family* rental fee donation of $12.00 for the 6 week session.
Questions, information or to register contact Amy Jarjusey and Jen Kafizov: tikistanford@yahoo.com  (PAYPAL is accepted for this class.)


Model United Nations
This class will train students in model UN, a role-playing activity where students represent diplomats from different countries at a mock United Nations session and collaborate on solving international problems while safeguarding their nations’ interests. We’ll spend the first three weeks learning about geography, international politics, and how the UN works, and then jump right into an interactive simulated crisis scenario! Students are expected to research their country and the topics they are discussing as much as they believe is necessary for them to succeed in the simulation. We will provide materials to help them with this. Class is lead by Katie Borg, Kevin Wokosin, Andrew Wokosin and Milan Fredrick; all have attended several Model United Nations conferences and taught middle school students MUN. They are members of an independent high school Model United Nations club that produces the largest middle school model UN conference in Chicago at the Chicago History Museum. Also assisting this class coordination: Katie Wokosin, a homeschooling parent, long-time member of EHS and coordinator extraordinaire, and Morgan Celik who practiced in international relations and has taught at university and post-graduate levels. Since 2009, she has taught MUN in various communities throughout the Chicago area.
Class minimum: 5 students ages 9 -13 who have some writing background and a reading ability at middle school level or higher. Research methods will be introduced.
Cost: $50/student for the full session.
Questions, information or to register contact Morgan Celik: tallynsheart@yahoo.com



Creative Writing
There are so many reasons for writing! In this class we will explore most of them and hone our skills. Want to convince your parents you should have a pet iguana? Well, a persuasive essay could do the trick. Want to tell the world how frustrated you are about the environment or your chore list? You could get that out in a poem. Want to live through an adventure where you call the shots for a change? Short stories and novels take care of that! All of this is available to kids age 9 and up who have basic writing skills. Spelling and handwriting are not an issue and will be improved upon in this class through creating actual documents. We will explore the many amazing purposes and styles of writing that humans have used through the ages, code writing, song lyrics, reviews, journaling, short stories, collaborative storytelling and poetry to name a few. We will develop good peer review skills and also touch on the fundamentals of debate. Class will be taught by Kim Campbell. She has been eclectically unschooling her two children for over ten years and has found plenty of opportunities during that time to share her love of writing with the Chicago community of homeschoolers. She has worked as a literacy tutor, taught writer’s workshops and zine writing workshops and was the founder of the tween and teen clubs with NUG kids.
Class minimum: 6 kids ages 9-14 years of age. Required: notebooks, writing utensils and creative energy.
Cost: $65.00 /student for the full session.
Questions, information or to register contact Kim Campbell: kim@kimzyn.com



Seven Generations of Stories
A course on healing ourselves and the Earth.
Each of us has a story to tell: the places we come from, our ancestors and the various influences that make each of us a unique being.  From childhood we build this personal narrative, oftentimes without any conscious effort, in order to house experiences of past and present that in turn create all the possibilities of the future.  Even less acknowledged in our personal stories is the role of the Earth and her chronicle and the tales of the Indigenous Peoples who walked these lands before us.  In this six-week class for ages 5-10 we will explore the stories and wisdom teachings of the local Native Peoples of the Chicago-area, the earth-based spirituality inherent to this land and explore the wisdom that is housed in each and every two-legged being.

Some of our activities will include:

  • Movement through yoga and circle dance
  • Introduction to Animal-themed teachings
  • Learning of the sacred circle of life
  • Lots of storytelling
  • Corn planting
  • Visit to Mitchell Indian Museum
  • Co-created final ceremony with friends and family

Class is taught by Yoli Maya Yeh, a Yoga Therapist (VYASA, Yoga for the Special Child) and an Educator in Comparative Religions and Global Studies (MA Comparative Religious Ethics).  Yoli spent twelve years of her young adulthood studying language, yoga, tantra, healing arts and meditation in India.  A native of Evanston, IL, she blends her understandings of Indigenous wisdom teachings, mind-body science, yogic discipline, and play into innovative learning programs for all ages and abilities.  Her recent teaching adventures in cross-cultural education work took her to Jordan, Israel, India, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia with 15-23 year old students challenging themselves to understand what it means to be a Global Citizen.  More info at: www.yogawithyoli.com
Class minimum: 5 students, ages 5 -10 years old.
Cost: $72 per student
No Prerequisites
Questions, information or to register contact Yoli Maya Yeh: kokypus@yahoo.com or 847-505-5947.




Thursdays, Sept. 6th through Oct. 11th, 11:15am – 12:15pm:


Fun with Phonics
A Multisensory exploration of sounds, letters and words.
This class is for children who are asking questions and beginning to learn about the sounds, letters and words that surround them.  We will start by using songs (with guitar), poetry and prose to play around with rhyme and rhythm.  We’ll manipulate sounds by breaking words apart and changing them into new ones.   We will talk about letters and the sounds they make and practice putting them together to make words.  A large portion of the class will be taught in a free movement Montessori style. Various stations will be set up around the room to explore some of what was introduced.  We’ll make our own sandpaper letters, trace letters in cornmeal, match objects to their beginning sounds, use magnets, chalk and pencils to trace and write words.  We’ll make word ladders, “fish” for words and create our own nonsense words.  Come get excited about where stories come from! This class is taught by Clare Heath, former Montessori school teacher and new homeschooling mama.
Class minimum: 5 students ages 4-7 years of age.
Cost: $60. 00 per student/full session. Drop in fee: $12.00. (Family rate available.)
Questions, information or to register contact Clare Heath: claremango@gmail.com



Games Galore (Too)!
Do you have siblings benefiting from other classes during this 10-11am session time and you’d like something to do?! Well, come on out and enjoy an hour of board games, puzzles and more with friends! Bring one of your favorites each week to share with others, and learn new games from the new friends you make! This is a casual drop-in game time that will run for the full 6 week session. Class is supervised by Amy Jarjusey and Jen Kafisov, homeschooling mothers of…many. Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay and play as well!
Cost: *Family* rental fee donation of $12.00 for the 6 week session.
Questions, information or to register contact Amy Jarjusey and Jen Kafizov: tikistanford@yahoo.com (PAYPAL is accepted for this class.)


Beginning to Intermediate conversational ASL.
We continue to will learn conversational ASL vocabulary as well as developing  ASL grammatical skills using things like facial grammar and classifiers to open up a whole new world of communication possibilities! We will also discuss Deaf Culture and learn to create traditional hand-shape and ABC stories. This will be a fun, interactive class with lots of games and language play! Classes are taught by Amy Eaton who learned ASL in 1988 working with National Technical Institute for the Deaf’s “Sunshine Too”, an outreach company made up of 3 hearing and 3 Deaf actors. Based in Rochester, NY, they toured most of the US, performing for all kinds of audiences in all kinds of situations. In 1990, she moved to Chicago with comrade Peter Cook, an internationally recognized Deaf Poet. Together they taught a mix of ASL and creative drama under the auspices of Urban Gateways from 1991-1995. In 1993 Amy co-founded Nature of the Beast and directed their original “ASL Opera” adaptation of “Medea.”
Class minimum: 6 people, ages 8 and up, parents welcome to take the class as well. (Younger folk by permission only.)
Cost: $70 per student (sibling/family rate available)
Questions, information or to register contact Amy Eaton: amyceaton@gmail.com


Personal Finance:  Play the Market
An introduction class on savings and investing.
This class will introduce students ages 10 and up to the world of personal finance. Using the SiFMA Foundation’s Stock Market Game, students will manage a hypothetical $100,000 portfolio of stocks, mutual funds, and bonds.  As they build their accounts they will learn economic and financial concepts, as well as reinforcing essential skills in critical thinking, decision-making, and independent research. Topics that I will cover are: what is a company; bonds; mutual funds; what is risk; the causes of stock market cycles; how money grows over time; dividends and interest; and analyzing investment strategies.  The class is led by Nance Zartman, a homeschooling mother with a passion for finance.  Nance holds a Bachelor’s degree from DePaul University in economics/finance and spent many years as an options trader at the Chicago Board of Trade.
Class minimum: 6 students ages 10-17 years of age. ** A laptop will be needed for class. **
Cost: $70/child for session.
Questions, information or to register contact Nance Zartman: silvermaple123@gmail.com


Art of Mentoring: A Skill Building Course for Tweens and Teens
This fun and interactive course will teach essential skills for young people of today to navigate the possibilities of the future (education, works, dreams, wishes) by learning both essential communication skills, simple tools for stress-management and constructive ways to process new information. This program will provide tools needed to get the most out of your education (now and into the future), and be healthy and balanced while doing it. This will increase your ability to navigate your life choices, and help you fit in to the cross-cultural globalized education and work setting of the future.

Over a six week period this course will introduce:
-  Basic Yoga Relaxation and Stress Management Techniques
– Non-Violent Communication
– How to use a mentor to help you find your own self-mentor
– Life Visioning Activities

Class is taught by Yoli Maya Yeh, a Yoga Therapist (VYASA, Yoga for the Special Child) and an Educator in Comparative Religions and Global Studies (MA Comparative Religious Ethics).  Yoli spent twelve years of her young adulthood studying language, yoga, tantra, healing arts and meditation in India.  A native of Evanston, IL, she blends her understandings of Indigenous wisdom teachings, mind-body science, yogic discipline, and play into innovative learning programs for all ages and abilities.  Her recent teaching adventures in cross-cultural education work took her to Jordan, Israel, India, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia with 15-23 year old students challenging themselves to understand what it means to be a Global Citizen.  More info at: www.yogawithyoli.com
Class minimum: 5 students, ages 10-18 years old. ** Required Book: Mentoring: The TAO of Giving and Receiving Wisdom by Chungliang Al Huang and Jerry Lunch. **
Cost: $60 per student
No Prerequisites
Questions, information or to register contact Yoli Maya Yeh: kokypus@yahoo.com or 847-505-5947.

Thursdays, Sept. 6th through Oct. 11th, 12:15p – 1:00p:    LUNCH!

Thursdays, Sept. 6th through Oct. 11th, 1:00p – 1:30p
Family Yoga!
This is an optional, low-key, middle-of-the-day-rejuvenation, family yoga time where we will pop in an instructional dvd/video and do some yoga stretching together before our afternoon session start up. Bring your mats, towels and bare feet to the auditorium for this rejuvenating half hour. This is *not* run by an instructional teacher.
Cost: *Family* rental fee donation of $15.00 for the 6 week session.
Questions, information or to register contact Amy Jarjusey and Jen Kafizov: tikistanford@yahoo.com   (PAYPAL is accepted for this class.)


Thursdays, Sept. 6th through Oct. 11th, 1:45p – 2:45p:   


Math with Manipulatives: Advanced Arithmetic, Fractions, and Logic
Did you struggle with long division when you were learning math? Did you ever wonder what multiplying fractions was supposed to mean, or why dividing fractions was the same as “flipping” the second fraction “upside down” and multiplying? Now your child can learn what these things really mean in this hands-on class that combines numerical manipulations with the use of manipulatives so that the reality behind the math is always in the forefront. Since the memorization of basic math facts (times tables, etc.) is useful in doing advanced arithmetic, various games and activities will also be offered to encourage this memorization. Class is taught by Newt Sherwin, homeschooling mom of four, including one mathematically-gifted, attention-challenged, worksheet-averse kid who continues to inspire her exploration of alternate methods for teaching math.
Class minimum: 3 students, approximately 7-10 years of age, however mathematical ability is far more important than age. Students should be comfortable with numbers through 100, be able to write numbers, and be thoroughly comfortable with addition and subtraction.
Cost: $60/student for full session.
Questions, information or to register contact Newt Sherwin: nsherwin@ameritech.net


Riot Grrlz
Our days will consist of a self-awareness workshop geared towards attachment feminism to awaken the inner movement of female empowerment. We will learn from each other and grow together as stronger selves and sisters. Our time spent will be diverse, inclusive and sprayed with music, art (Zine making: a process we will complete at the closing of our session or as the projects pull together; one or more are possible) liberal topic discussion introduced by pre-chosen and carry along articles and spontaneous debates. Our time together will be girl-driven and with luck sparked with energy, compassion, fire and love. My role as facilitator is to assist with barriers and momentum. I am very proud to be able to congregate these emotions as a model for liberation and bringing these ideas to a more compact lifestyle: Feminism. Class is facilitated by mami of four Unschoolers: Ecclectic, Independant, Ethnocentric, Loud Mouth, Rambler Emylee Delgado.
Class minimum: 5 grrlz ages 9 to 14 (and open). Girls should be willing to share, speak and bring all they have. Our strengths could be within or immediate, together we will work to find our paths.
Cost: $65 singular, $100 pair (No one turned down for lack of funds, please contact instructor.)
Questions, information or to register contact Emylee Delgado: emyleedelmar@yahoo.com


Anatomy and Physiology
A basic anatomy and physiology class focused on the anatomy (what and where) and physiology (how things work) of the body. Emphasis will be on anatomy and physiology in a functional context and understanding basic medical terminology through word roots/prefixes/suffixes. Class will be part lecture, part lab, part internet-based. If student can bring a lap top to class, she/he should but it is not required.
Session #1 will include:
Week one: Overview of the body systems, terminology used to describe what and where
Week two: pulmonary
Week three: cardiac
Week four: digestive
Week five: urinary
Week six: muscle skeletal
(A continuation, second session will be offered in the next installment of AJCW, to include: Week one: Review previous session, integrementry; Week two: blood and basic cell structure; Week three: immunology; Week four: endocrine; Week five: neurology one; Week six: neurology two.) Classes are taught by Jennifer Reft who is currently a tenured faculty member of Morton College and teaches in the physical therapy assistant program. She teaches kinesiology, neurological physical therapy, and medical terminology. She has a BS in physical therapy and a MS in kinesiology, and is a neurological clinical specialist (NCS) since 1999. She practices physical therapy at Swedish Covenent Hospital and has formal training in Stott pilates and tai chi.
Class minimum: 3 students, ages 9-13 years of age. ** Anatomy books will be available for students to use during class. Students will be encouraged to use these books in any reasonable way—please note that these books feature the anatomy of the whole body and if this is an issue for you or your child your child should not take the class.
Cost: $60 per student, ½ off for a sibling.
Questions, information or to register contact Jennifer Reft: reftpt93@gmail.com


Let loose your inner detective and join us as we search for the missing tiara, figure out who is blackmailing Santa, and more. Through collaboration, students in this class will use deductive reasoning skills to solve a series of mysteries. As we solve a new mystery each week, students will: learn the difference between inferences and assumptions, improve organizational thinking and note taking skills, and be able to collect and analyze evidence. There will be a warm up at the beginning of each class with a daily logic puzzle, and game time at the end (if time permits). Class is facilitated by Miriam de Castelnau  (mere mortal, homeschooling mother of two, and constant thinker about kids learning to think about thinking.)
Class minimum: 2 students ages 9 years and up.
Cost: $40 per student/full session.
Questions, information or to register contact Miriam de Castelnau: miriam@decastelnau.com


Lil’ Jammers (is BACK!)
We had SO.MUCH.FUN. the first session of Jammers that we’d be fools not to come back and try out some new and inventive dances, games and fun movement activities with your kiddos again! This jam session is geared towards children 3 years of age on up to 7 years or anyone willing to get their groove-on with us! (YES, parents! This does mean you are invited to wiggle and jiggle with us!) We will explore all genres through music, movement, dance, and instrument exploration. Join us right after that fun family yoga rejuvenation class, and get your groove on! Class is taught by your Jam! specialists and homeschooling moms Jen Kafizov and Amy Jarjusey.
Class minimum: 5 children. $55 per child for the full 6 week session. Drop in fee $10.
Questions, information or to register contact Amy Jarjusey and Jen Kafizov: tikistanford@yahoo.com   (PAYPAL is accepted for this class.)


Thursdays, Sept. 6th through Oct. 11th, 3:00p – 4:00p:   


Math with Manipulatives: Basic Arithmetic, Introductory Logic, and Basic Geometry
Children who are comfortable counting and ready to experiment with arithmetic will enjoy learning basic arithmetic, logic and geometry in this playful, manipulatives-based class. A variety of games and activities will be offered each week, covering the following topics: addition, subtraction, place value, geometry and spatial relationships, logic, and sorting (a pre-algebra skill), and repeated adding of the same number (an easy introduction to multiplication). Class is taught by Newt Sherwin, homeschooling mom of four, including one mathematically-gifted, attention-challenged, worksheet-averse kid who continues to inspire her exploration of alternate methods for teaching math.
Class minimum: 3 students, ages 4-7 years of age, however mathematical ability more important than age. Students should have the ability to reliably count to 20, although irregular names for numbers (fiveteen instead of fifteen for instance) are fine. Written numbers will be used some, but the ability to read and write is not required, and students who cannot write numbers yet are welcome.
Cost: $60/student for full session.
Questions, information or to register contact Newt Sherwin: nsherwin@ameritech.net


Art through Drawing
This is geared toward the art-inspired kids out there who always seem to be drawing, doodling, sketching something. Ever see a picture in a magazine, book, or museum and say, “Geesh, I wish I could draw that picture!”?? This is the class for you! This will be a fun, yet easy-going art class where drawing is experimented with, tested, honed, and evolved. Students will bring in *that* picture they would like to enlarge and draw, and I will help them with their true works of art. The six week project will result in an enlargement of the student’s choice. No experience is necessary, however a true (true) love of art and drawing are. Class is taught by Amy Jarjusey who is a homeschooling mom of four fabulous kiddos, one of which is one of *these* students. A passion for art since she was a wee-one herself, she loves to share the passion with others.
Class minimum: 4 students, ages 9 years and up (or the art-loving student who wants to learn a new technique!)
Cost: $90.00 – all drawing materials will be supplied. Student brings their picture to enlarge, but all drawing materials will be supplied otherwise.
Questions, information or to register contact Amy Jarjusey and Jen Kafizov: tikistanford@yahoo.com   (PAYPAL is accepted for this class.)


Archaeology Foundation Class: Archaeology in Mesopotamia 1
The civilization of Mesopotamia, the land between two rivers, represents one of the oldest civilizations on earth and it made a major contribution to the western society. After six weeks, students will be able to identify the major changes in Mesopotamian history. They will also learn how archaeologists study the past, with examples from the prehistory and early history of Mesopotamia.


Lesson 1 – Why do we study Mesopotamia?

Lesson 2 – The first farmers and the Neolithic period in the Ancient Near East (8th to 5th Millennium BC) Lesson 3 – The first kings

Lesson 4 – The invention of writing

Lesson 5 – Science and religion in the ancient world

Lesson 6 – Daily life in the ancient world


Class is taught by Dr. Tobin Hartnell who graduated from the U. of Chicago with a PhD in Mesopotamian Archaeology. He now works at the Oriental Institute Museum and gives lectures about the ancient world. He also has an ongoing archaeology project in Persepolis, Iran.
Class minimum: 5 students, ages 9 + years.

Cost: $60 per student for the complete set of 6 lessons.

Questions, information or to register contact Tobin Hartnell: hartnell@uchicago.edu



Math Club
This is an open, unstructured class for kids who are thinking about math and want to talk about it! Each week students will have the opportunity to solve a challenging math problem, play games with friendly competition, solve puzzles, riddles and more. Students are also encouraged to bring their own ideas and thoughts for discussion or create a math problem for the group to solve. Class is facilitated by Miriam de Castelnau  (mere mortal, homeschooling mother of two, and constant thinker about kids learning to think about thinking.)
Class minimum: 2 students; Kids should be comfortable at a middle school math level and have a working knowledge of concepts such as fractions, decimals, percents, negative numbers, radicals/exponents, variables/equations, order of operations,  etc. (6th through 8th grade).
Cost: $20 per student for whole session.
Questions, information or to register contact Miriam de Castelnau: miriam@decastelnau.com


Arbol de La Vida
Spanish (o El Español) everyone has run across that song you can´t get out of your head or need to know what it means. This group will share that experience! We all love to sing (humming counts!) and get the flavor of this beautiful language for an introduction to future classes. Each week we will sing & learn about songs in Spanish from lullabies to rock en Español. These classes are for all age groups and families too. If many, or a few join in to mix their tunes it could be a lot of fun! We will sing songs of multiple genres dance and use what we learn to create works that make us smile! (All while sneaking in some education.) At the end of every day there will be an opportunity to compose a hardcopy memory to take home. Maybe even a group video! Class is facilitated by mami of four Unschoolers: Ecclectic, Independant, Ethnocentric, Loud Mouth, Rambler Emylee Delgado.
Class minimum: 5 students/ 2 families, (all ages).
Cost: $65 per student, $110 per family. (No one turned down for lack of funds, please contact instructor.)
Questions, information or to register contact Emylee Delgado: emyleedelmar@yahoo.com




Homeschoolers Fall Spanish classes at Instituto de


September 21-December 14 Fridays 9:30am-11:30am

2 hour class-12 sessions $305 (discounted rate)

– 6 to 7 years old 130 (course code)
– 8 to 10 years old 131
– 12 to 14 years old 132

– 6 to 8 years old 133 (course code)
– 9 to 11 years old 134
– 12 to 14 years old 135

Thanks, Cecily
From: Cecily Arroyo me2@timarroyo.com


MSA Circus Arts

The next session of the Homeschool Circus Arts Class begins September 14th.  There is a great group of about 30 kids from 6 year olds to teenagers participating.  The kids are broken down into smaller groups to work on skills with multiple coaches.

There will also be a 45 minute Preschool/Youth Homeschool class for kids 3-5 years old.

Your child is welcome to come and try out a class with no obligation to see if circus class is a good fit.  If your child decides that they do not like the class then you do not need to pay for the trial class.  If your child would like to continue with circus classes then you pay for the entire session.  No refunds will be given after the second class.


Preschool/Youth Homeschool Circus Arts Class

In this fun and unique class, be prepared to move, stretch, bounce and learn the skills of the circus.


Ages: 3-5


When: Friday 9:45-10:30

Fall 1 2012 : September 14, 2012 – October 26, 2012 (7 weeks)

Fall 2 2012 : November 2, 2012 – December 21, 2012 (7 weeks)

(no class 11/23 for Thanksgiving)


Cost: $105


Homeschool Circus Arts Class

This class is for students who want to pick up overall skills of the circus. Everything from juggling, aerial trapeze, acrobats, hand balancing, trampoline, clowning, object balancing, aerial silks, diablo, plate spinning and much more!


Ages: 6-18


When: Friday 10:30am-12:00pm

Fall 1 2012 : September 14, 2012 – October 26, 2012 (7 weeks)

Fall 2 2012 : November 2, 2012 – December 21, 2012 (7 weeks)

(no class 11/23 for Thanksgiving)


Cost: 1st child per family $155, 2nd child per family $140, 3rd child per family free.


To register for class please just show up on the first day of class and make payments to MSA Circus Arts.  Questions please contact :

Phone: (773) 687-8840Fax: (773) 687-8840Email: info@msacircusarts.com


If you would like to join the circus class but can not make it to the first class, you are welcome to join at any time during the class session.  The cost will be prorated to the week that you join the class.




AJCW has a 6 week Fall semester of co-op classes listed now for young kids up to teens. Looks like tons of fun offerings, like American Sign Language, Model United Nations, Creative Writing (taught by yours truly),the Art of Mentoring, Personal Finance & Riot Grrrlzz  ! The prices are reasonable too. Visit AJCW  blog for information on how to sign up.

AJ collective workshops

AJCW has a 6 week spring semester of co-op classes listed now for kids ages 4 and up. Looks like tons of fun offerings, like Japanese, comic drawing, history, soccer, tween club, you name it! The prices look reasonable too. Visit Amy’s blog for information on how to sign up.

This listing is from Gene Booth of Day One:



I am offering two unique and highly engaging classes for homeschooled students this Spring.



Based on current thinking in teaching world history, the approach here is to focus on themes rather than historical periods and specific regions, and to stress the interconnectedness of different places rather than studying them in isolation. Relevance to current sociopolitical issues is stressed; critical categories such as race, gender, class and generation are challenged. the themes covered are: debates in World History; politics of maps; problems with “origins” and Ancient History; Islam; bio-cultural exchange.


This class runs for ten weeks, on Tuesdays from 12:30-1:30 PM, April 24 through June 26. Cost is $190, payable in advance.  Ages 14-19



Students will write, revise and perform original poems, using a format that exposes them to elements of poetry and contemporary American poets, and asks them to incorporate parts of each into their work. Students will have several opportunities (some evenings or weekends are possible) to perform their work live at open mics throughout the city. The best of each students’ work will be compiled and published in an anthology this Summer.


This class runs for ten weeks, on Tuesdays from 1:40-2:40 PM, April 24 through June 26.  Cost is $220 (including printing costs), payable in                 advance.Ages 14-19



Classes meet at Multikulti, 1000 N. Milwaukee Avenue, ten minutes south of the Division Blue Line stop.


Please contact me with the names and ages of your kids by April 17 to reserve spots; make checks out to Gene Booth.


New refund policy: If you drop a class within the first three sessions, you will be refunded 50% of the prorated cost of the remaining classes.



I have been an educator for ten years, half in public and alternative schools as a Social Studies teacher, the other half doing arts curriculum for After School Matters and Youth Leadership Development for the Alternative Schools Network. I’m convinced that for students to learn the material must begin with an investigation of what the students care about, and that the goal of education must be to foster an ability to critically question and assess the real world.



Feel free to call or email me with questions: (312) 493-9736, gene.booth@gmail.com.



Here is some information from the folks over at the Community Co-op in Oak Park:

The Community Co-op is a family-oriented resource for homeschool families located in Oak Park, Illinois, serving Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.  We are a non-profit organization officially founded as the “Community Organization for Near West Homeschoolers”, but affectionately known as the “The Community Co-op” or “Co-op” for short.  Our group offers homeschool enrichment activities for homeschooling families once a week, for a day of friends, fun and learning. Our mission is to create an environment for educational enrichment where homeschooling families can work co-operatively in an atmosphere of mutual respect and interest-driven exploration, while maintaining our personal learning styles and sharing them with the group at large.


We are proud to share our blog and website with the online community of homeschoolers worldwide, which incorporates all of the visionary foundations of the original founders while forging a new direction as our group continues to grow and adapt.  Homeschooling is a journey which not only touches our respective families, but also our larger community, and indeed, our world.   It is our hope that this site will help to foster an enriching environment wherein we contribute to the world around us in a way that puts big ideas, in little hands.

We have launched a new website, the new site can be found at http://nearwesthomeschoolers.org


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