Join us for a Homeschool Martial Arts class at Avondale Park! Here is the
description from the site:

*This is a combination of Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu. This class will
focus on the introductory elements of martial arts, there will be no
sparing or breaking only forms and the use of soft target shields. The
students will build self-esteem and confidence.*

The class is only $5 (for the whole session!) per child, ages 6-12 (payable
at the park). This is a great class to get your child’s body moving,
stretching, and strengthening. It will give your child the confidence in
knowing they have the ability to overcome obstacles. The teacher is super
friendly too! Hope you can join us!

*Avondale Park*

*3516 W. School*

*10:30-11:00+ a.m.*

*Meet in Gymnastics Center

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