Northside Unschoolers parent meeting update from Amy:

Our monthly parent meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday- when it
was scheduled the topic was “Family Mission Statements”. While this is
a great topic, considering that most of us are jumping back into the’
classes and activities starting up mode’ next week, I am changing the
topic to the always useful and important:

Maintaining Family Harmony

Wednesday, Jan 9, 7-9
Irving Park Methodist Church, corner of Keeler and Grace (entrance on
in the basement

Come share tips, tricks and tools for keeping your homeschooling and
family life harmonious. What works for you? Tea? Yogic Breathing?
Exercise? Earplugs? How do you make sure that each member of the
family gets enough and gives enough?

There are no topics planned for future 2013 meetings. What would you
like to see meetings address in the future?

NUG meetings are generally fairly intimate affairs with a mix of new
and experienced homeschoolers, which allows for all meeting attendees
to contribute to the topic at hand. Past topics have included Family
Mission Statements, What does Unschooling look like?, Trusting your
Kids, Feeding your Family, Avoiding Burn Out, Unschooling through High
School, Striking a Balance between Over and Under Scheduling your Kids
etc, etc, etc.

Give a shout for what would help YOU get through 2013 feeling supported!

Amy E

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