From Amy

“As a mom of four who wanted to be active in a team sport, and not wanting
to run around to 4 different practices on 4 different fields, find myself
needing to be at 4 games at the same time, and wanting to avoid exorbitant
costs of multiple sport teams, equipment, etc. I started HYSL. The
Homeschool Youth Socce League was formed in the spring of 2012 with four
active regions in and around Chicago. We are going into our third season,
this coming March 2013 with 3 current and active regions: Chicago North
(blue), Chicago South (yellow) and the Far North (orange) regions.

This coming season runs for 9 weeks March 23rd through May 18th. Each
region practices within their region, once per week, all ages at the same
time in the same location. Then, there are three tournaments for the
season. Every third week, the three regions will meet to play against each

This league is formed much like the AYSO model. **Parents** *volunteer* to
coach their children, and the whole league is run on volunteers. Family
membership dues (currently $50 for whole family, *not* per child) pay for
the new and replacement of old equipment as well as end-of-year gifts for
children, and any/all adminstrative costs incurred. The cost of a team
jersey is a mere $12/per.

This is an amazing way to build community with in your own particular
region, as well as the homeschooling community at large. Our family has so
thoroughly enjoyed running this league and cherish the growth and
advancements each season.

This is for *all* ages (3 years on up to teens).
There is a evaluation day (March16th) where children 9 years older will
come to show their skills and be placed on their region’s teams based on
skill level and not by age. The under 9 years are placed on teams per age.
The tournaments are held once in each of the 3 regions every 3rd week
during the season.

*HYSL MAIN GOALS*: Everyone learns at least one new skill level (ideally
more) per season; everyone supports one-another; we all have fun!

Subscribe to the yahoo group at:
Register for the spring season here:
http://www.nakitababy.com/hysl-2013-spring-registration-2/. Online
registration and payment, along with a signed/scanned liability waiver to
be fully registered.

*** Please note***
*New regions are ALWAYS welcome!!!* I will personally train any parent who
is wanting and willing to be a coach of a new region!!! Please email me
directly: mommy@nakitababy.com to discuss the opportunity to open up a new
region to service your area.”

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