The next NUG Parents Support meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 14.

This month, the topic is:

*Trusting kids (and ourselves!).* Bring your success stories and Aha!
moments. What does your kid know/is able to do that you didn’t “teach” him?
How is your relationship different from what you observe among your
traditionally-schooled friends? What is working? What do you wish could be
better? Share some ideas about how to persevere when you feel overwhelming

….and a reminder, about the upcoming meeting themes:

Wednesday, December 11
*Family History Night and Cookie Swap!* *KIDS WELCOME! *Part of what we do
through NUG is build a community. Bring some family stories and pictures,
and share your unschooling journey with other families. Also, share your
favorite holiday cookies and the recipe. Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, January 9
*Family Mission Statement.* Why did you decide to homeschool? Is the way
you homeschool consistent with the reasons you embarked on this journey?
Develop your Family Mission Statement, or, if you already have one,
fine-tune it and share insights wit the rest of the group.

Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 7-9pm at Irving Park
United Methodist Church, conveniently located at *3801 N. Keeler (enter at
Grace)*, just off the Irving Park stop on the Blue Line, and the
corresponding Kennedy exit. There is plenty of street parking.

*Please feel free to raise other questions or topics that are pressing to
you, even if they don’t fall under a particular topic under discussion.* Bear
in mind, however, that the meetings are for the benefit of all who attend,
and if we seem to get too bogged down in one topic, we may have to move the
discussion along so that everyone’s questions can get addressed, as we only
have two hours each month to do this.

Parents’ Meetings are for parents only (with the exception of Cookie
Swap!), however nursing children are welcome. We have fixings for tea, so
please feel free to bring any contributions of teabags or treats.

The church is letting us use the space free of charge, but I will pass a
donation jar at each meeting. Contribute what you can.

Hope to see many of you on Wednesday! –Justyna


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