Welcome to Chicago, baby!


(Chicago! Land of pumpkins! If you don’t mind driving an hour or two. With the engine light blinking the whole time. And your kid having an asthma attack as soon as you get near all of that corn. We Chicagoans need that little nature break sometimes.)

Hey everyone. You may know me from other venues, such as a blog where I tell slightly embarassing personal and inspiring tidbits, such as how wonderful index cards can be, or how to get annoyed by clerks repeatedly asking you about why your kids aren’t in school. But now, oh yes, now I have a higher purpose. That purpose it to be America’s go-to blog when it comes to homeschooling in and around Chicago. I want Chicago Homeschool Habitat to be like, like TV guide for the hungry homeschooling family. Oh, right. Homeschoolers are ixnay on VTay. Or maybe more like a handy resource for them about ongoing events, upcoming classes, cool things to do in town, contacts for other homeschooling groups, and a sort of liason between the worlds of homeschoolers.

So, I guess that would make this a news blog. I also guess that means I need you, because I sure as heck am not going to be online every day tirelessly looking for news about things happening in Chicago for homeschoolers. I mean, yeah, I will be, but I am not some kind of search engine. I need volunteers. Meanwhile, please visit the ABOUT page to get more details on how to contribute here. Thanks. And now,hot off the presses…..here is your very first piece of latebreaking homeschooling Chicagoland news!

It is time for the first ever Home-Oriented Teen fest (aka HOT fest) this October 22nd. Sign your teen up and the kid can not just eat a good Italian meal, but also enjoy the hotel waterpark, a dance and a variety of ice-breakers and games. If I know the parents of homeschooled teens at all, and I do know a few, there will probably be some knitting gaggles of parents in the lobby and surrounds too. This is the first big event I’ve ever heard of for homeschooled teens around here and I hope you can spread the word to the teens in your life who want to get out there and meet some like-minded kids. Registration ends October 2nd so get on the stick.

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