Piano Lessons with Alex Rowney

Playing a musical instrument requires hard work, musical theory and passion. Alex has put all three plus some energy in to his music career and he is available to teach homeschooled kids this fall. Here is his bio. Please contact him directly for more details.

Alexander Rowney

A native of New York, Alex began his music

studies at the piano at the age of 7 after breaking his

arm, relieving him of having to go to baseball

practice and preparing the way for a career path in

the Classical arts.

He has always treasured music in his life

and has attempted and succeeded at it and integrate

it into his life in any way possible. From playing

trumpet and French horn in school band, to

developing music for film and to creating his own

experimental electronic pop music in addition to

playing in an array of rock, pop, folk, and electronic

bands, Alex has experience from many different

angles. He was able to teach himself pipe organ

after being hired as a musician for St. Andrew’s

Pentecost Church in Evanston. He currently tutors

music theory and ear training students at Harold

Washington College.

Alex completed his Bachelor degree at

Northwestern University and his Master’s degree at

Manhattan School of Music, both with majors in

Classical Piano Performance. During junior year at

Northwestern, he decided to study abroad in Vienna,

Austria with the IES program. He is a fluent German


Alex puts students at the focus and cares

genuinely for their success. He reminds his students

to view life as a process of learning, filled with new

discoveries each day. He helps students to learn

awareness in many forms and stresses development

of critical thinking, problem solving, and creative


Alexander Rowney

Piano Instructor



Piano Instructor

Performance Coach

Free Trial Lesson/Interview

We will get to know one another and discuss teacher

and student expectations. The first lesson is free!

Private Lessons

60 minute lessons are recommended. The pace is

kept moving so the full hour is truly worth it! 45

minute and 30 minute lessons are also offered. For

those interested, lessons may be given more than

once per week. Lessons may include many activities:

Piano technique

Body awareness

Music Theory


Music History


Practice Method Development

Use of up-to-date composition/notation

and digital recording software such as

Garage Band or Ableton Live

Lessons can be given in your home or at my

apartment, whichever you prefer.

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