Piano lessons from Laurie

“I would love to offer my services to the homeschooling community here in Chicago, both in piano as well as in academics beginning this summer and next fall.  I have 24 years of experience teaching piano, and will be teaching piano privately full-time at my studio at The Catherine Cook School. I have 28 years of classroom teaching experience in lower elementary grades…all in private schools, but mostly in first grade.

The feading/spelling program I currently use has revolutionized the way my students are able to read, spell, and write, and I have many references to back that up.  I know of no other teacher or school in Chicago using the program I use, and I would love to share my program with any parents who may be interested in learning about it and using it with their children.  It is applicable to children from SK through third or fourth grade…and possibly beyond.  It is taught through music, which I feel is always a great way to teach anything.   I was trained in how to teach this program when I took a class in CA about ten years ago called “First Focus Phonics.”

Feel free to contact me at Lbender@ccookschool.org or firefly531Qcomcast.net if you are interested in piano or in learning more about my reading program.

Thank you!

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