These classes are offered by Gene booth, a respected teacher and well loved by the teen unschooling crowd.Please do not try to sign up via this blog. Read the whole entry and at the bottom you will see his contact info. Thanks!

“I’m offering two classes for homeschoolers starting in late October: a U.S. History class and a Poetry class, both of which combine critical thinking and academic rigor with high, student-centered activities. See below for details, and let me know if you have questions or want references from parents or students I’ve homeschooled before.
Thanks,Gene Booth

1 U.S. HISTORY THROUGH ART Students will study American history using the lens of period-specific artworks from a variety of disciplines (including music, film, painting, architecture, textiles, sculpture,dance, literature and poetry). The historical period will be chosen by the students before the class begins. Student assignments will alternate between typed papers and art projects. Students are required to buy both volumes of Howard Zinn’s A Young Person’s History Of The United States. In addition, they will read primary source texts from the period in question. The class will culminate with an art show on Friday, January 27, where student projects will be exhibited and discussed. 
This class costs $180, which includes $20 for the culminating event. 
The entire amount is payable in advance. Students will pay for their own supplies. 
This class runs for ten weeks, in two sections. 
SECTION 1: 15-18 year-olds Thursdays, 9:30-10:30 AM, 
October 27 to January 19 (no class on 11/24, 12/22 or 12/29) 
SECTION 2: 11-14 year-olds Mondays,10:00-11:00 AM, 
October 24 to January 16 (no class on 11/28, 12/26 or 1/2) 

2 POEMLAB Students will develop a portfolio of original poems on personal and social-justice themes. They will become familiar with each of the phases of writing poetry: draft, revision and performance. These skills can be applied to any kind of writing, particularly self- and peer-editing, and the performance aspect greatly improves public speaking. They will be exposed to a broad range of contemporary American poets, and asked to incorporate elements they find there into their own work. Students are required to buy Mary Oliver’s excellent A Poetry Handbook, which will be used throughout the course. The best poems from each student will be collected into an anthology and published in February 2012. The class will culminate in an event on Friday, January 27, where students will perform their work. This class costs $220,
which includes $20 for the culminating event and $60 for printing. 
The entire amount is payable in advance. Students will pay for their own supplies. 
This class runs for ten weeks, and is open to students aged 13-18: 
Thursdays, 10:40-11:40 AM, October 27 to January 19 (no class on 11/24, 12/22 or 12/29) 

Location: I’m located on Chicago’s northwest side at Belmont and Pulaski, near the Milwaukee bus and the Blue Line.

Registration: Please contact me with the names and ages of your kids to reserve spots; then send checks made out to Gene Booth by October 20, to Gene Booth, 3331 N. Karlov Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60641. 

Background: I have been an educator for ten years, half in public and alternative schools as a Social Studies teacher, the other half doing arts programming for After School Matters and youth leadership development for the Alternative Schools Network. I’m convinced that for students to learn the coursework must begin with an investigation of what the students care about, and that the goal of education must be to foster an ability to critically question and assess the real world. 

Contact: Feel free to call or email me with questions: (312) 493-9736, gene.booth@gmail.com.”

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  1. on 21 Oct 2011 at 10:08 am Leslie C

    I am so happy to see Homeschool Habitat post again! Thank-you for all of your efforts to gather and disseminate information for Chicago Area Homeschoolers. You work is appreciated!

  2. on 24 Oct 2011 at 3:34 pm Kimbac

    That is so nice to hear Leslie. Thank you.

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