Science and Math Mondays

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Science and Math Mondays with Kathy Wentz

I have two openings for teens interested in joining a small group of
other teens on Mondays for semi-private tutoring, small group projects
and field trips designed to meet your math and science needs. All
activities and instruction will be planned according to individual
student needs.

Days will usually be from 10:00 to 4:00. On days when the weather is
good we will take a few hours and head out to do field work at Volo Bog,
Glacial Park, Moraine Hills State Park or any one of the other amazing
natural areas in the Chain O’Lakes area. On days when the weather is
poor we will stay in and work on individual or small group projects,
vocabulary, and math skills (Algebra with fractions and Geometry are
currently planned).

We will also have a field trip approximately once a month and it can be
assumed that the hours of those days will be longer than on other
Mondays. As each trip is planned an announcement of the dates and times
will be made and individual students can then decide if that trip is
something they want to participate in. Student input into the field
trips will be highly encouraged.

Students are asked to commit to an entire season (fall, winter,
spring). Students that complete three full seasons (one year) will be
given a certificate indicating 1 full credit of high school science and
1 full credit of high school math completed in McHenry County, IL. The
exact course names of the credits will be determined by the student
because the exact topic and level of study is determined by the student.

Homework will be assigned. Homework will vary from student to student
and will be based on their projects and goals.

Cost: $30 a week plus any additional costs for supplies or field trip
expenses Supplies will vary from student to student and might include
anything from bacteria cultures to advanced dissection specimens and can
be split whenever two or more students want to do a group project.
Field trip expenses might include train fare downtown or museum
admission where I am unable to gain us free entry. (Note: I am very
frugal and do promise to keep all additional expenses as low as I can!
As many of you know, I already own a lot of science equipment!) All
additional project costs will be cleared with the parent first!

If interested, please contact me directly and we will set up a time to
get together and discuss your needs and goals.

P.S. We already have one student coming in at the Fox Lake train station
so picking up two instead of one at that time/location is not a problem
– and they would usually have each other to ride with. <grin>

Kathy Wentz <kwentz8992@comcast.net>

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