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After a nice long hiatus I am at it again with the online radio shows designed to spread vital info to the homeschooling and unschooling community! This time I have got quite the guy. Blake Boles will be my guest. He was on show #13 recently with Abbi Miller to discuss their work together as Not-Back-To-School camp advisers and their collaboration organizing teen travel with Unschool Adventures.

He has written a new book titled “College Without High School” aimed towards the teenager who is considering homeschooling the high school years as well as towards the lifelong unschooler who knows she will have a great adventure unschooling high school but isn’t sure how it will translate in to high school transcripts for college admissions. Blake has done his homework independent study on this one. The book, to be released this September, is chock full of inspiration and encouragement to unschool and follow one’s passions, examples of the many ways actual teenagers have gotten in to the college of their choice while doing so and the concrete steps one can take to achieve their goals. It breaks down the mystery of what the college admissions officers seek while simultaneously illustrating how 4 years of independent exploration and study equates to just that.

If you have a teenager who is considering going to high school because they worry they’ll be bored or aren’t sure if they’ll get enough social interaction or academic rigor than you need to get them Blake’s book and have them tune in to this show. Blake has a way of helping teens understand the immense power, freedom and responsibility for their own lives that they can seize if only they chose to. I am thrilled to have him on the show this time to discuss that concept further and to help teens and parents of teens learn more about unschooling the high school years.¬† We welcome your live calls and questions on chat mode about the topic.

The details:

*Relaxed Homeskool Talk Radio

*Monday, June 29

*10am central time until 11:30am.

 Teenagers and adults can tune in and call with questions: 347-633-9765 or comment on live chat mode.

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