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There are still 3 seats available for this summer offering:

Fruit Fly Genetics –

Have you always wanted to actually breed some critters and see for yourself what happens? Now is your chance! Each student will be given fruit flies with unique genetic characteristics and given the tools and information needed to breed them and find out for themselves how the different characteristics are shared with future generations.

Because fruit flies take a good 7-9 days to produce each new generation the schedule for this class is rather odd. We will try to meet every 9 days and it is advised that you plan on coming in the morning to do a count and population survey and then again in the afternoon (no more than 8 hours later) to cross the flies that have hatched since your morning visit.

(Mrs. Wentz can do further population counts for each student 5 days later in order to give you the largest population counts possible. If you want to come and do those yourself, I will be available on starred days of the calendar for that. It would be wonderful if each student could do that additional count at least once.)

If a student can’t make it during one of the scheduled days Mrs. Wentz or one of the other students can make your crosses for you, but it is (obviously) far better to come and do them yourself. Open lab times will be Monday June 15 th , Tuesday June 24 th , Friday July 3 rd , Monday July 13 th , Wednesday July 22 nd , and (if necessary) July 31 st or by appointment. On June 15 from 10 a.m. – noon, I will introduce everyone to the concepts, procedures, and further details. A list of recommended resources will be provided the first day of class.

Who: Junior High and High School level students Junior High and High School level students

When: Monday June 15 from 10 – noon then Tuesday June 24 th , Friday Monday June 15 from 10 – noon then Tuesday June 24 th , Friday

July 3 rd , Monday July 13 th , Wednesday July 22 nd , and (if necessary) July 31 st

Where: 5004 N Westwood Dr., McHenry 5004 N Westwood Dr., McHenry

(2 miles north of the Johnsburg Library)

Cost: $100.00 per student $100.00 per student

If you are interested in the Fruit Fly Genetics I must have your payment in order to consider your student registered for the class. Class sizes are limited and I can’t hold a spot for someone who only ‘might’ be interested. If you have paid by check I will not cash the check until the class begins. I promise!

(The Field Geology class, Fresh Water Ecology class and the Deer Park Algebra class are full.  Registrations are now being taken for SUMMER classes at McHenry County College.)

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