Its not like science hasn’t saved your ass before.  Great inventions have cooked the bacteria out of your meat, drilled the decay out of your teeth and got you to the 33rd floor for your meeting without costing you more movement than a pokey index finger. But how much time have you spent really thinking about the current developments in science and where they might lead us in the future?

Well, maybe not much time lately, but after another brutal winter in Chicago, yet before the spring flower shows really take over and folks are seen bicycling to concerts and beer gardens there is always Science Chicago to get you through it all. For the months of March and April you and yours can trot all over Chicagoland and catch up on your science facts, experiments, developments and moral debates.

This year there’s a big to-do about the environment via earth day and the ever popular earth hour (yes, turn off your electronics for that one).  There’s a host of Science Saturdays where you can tour special access facilities (Fermilab is one example, visiting a robotic surgery lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago is another) and many museums and field trips scheduled where you can get involved with lab work. There are topics and hands on activities and lectures that would appeal to families, children and adults respectively. For the teens among us there are even Junior Science Cafes, because nothing says science is cool quite as well as coffee and tea does. Yumm. Go drink up some science and feel the warmth as spring slips in unnannounced.


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