Ever want to see a calendar that lists all of the ongoing classes and activities and events for homeschoolers in calendar format? Well, I’ve built it. Now let’s fill it up. This is a post giving you access to the calendar, but there is a permanent page to click on at the top of this page titledĀ  Chicagoland Homeschooling Calendar which you can access regularly. My goal is to have this calendar ultimately available for all to post their happenings on. There may be some glitches, so in the meantime if you cannot post on this calendar please email me all details auch as:

date, time, place, recurrence, contact name, contact phone & email, costs, exact address, pertinent links.

Chicagoland Homeschooling Calendar

This calendar is for homeschoolers from all groups in and around Chicago to list their classes, events and repeat activities. Please be sure to include contact information and all important details as well as links to more information. Museums, organizations and groups are responsible for the content they publish here, This calendar is hosted by Chicago Homeschool Habitat and the moderator reserves the right to remove any offensive material.

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