Since the holidays are coming around I thought I’d let you  know
about a picture book Rain Fordyce wrote about homeschooling which is
geared towards children.

She guest starred on my radio program Relaxed Homeschooler (show #8) a
few weeks ago and shared her experiences writing and DIY producing the
book. In the homeschooling community of course we will enjoy reading
it to our kids, but libraries,schoolkids and even grandparents could
all use a peak at it to get an idea how a homeschooler’s day might look. Rain carefully juxtaposes events in the life of a conventionally schooled child and a homeschooled child to produce a charming overall sense of variety and acceptance.
You can listen to the interview here,but most importantly, you can get your hands on a copy ($9.99) at her website Homeschool Adventure Books. She plans to do several books in the series and we are looking forward to the next one already.

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