This is a continuation of my imagined Missed Connections at the Obama rally last night, referenced by me elsewhere. All photos are actually mine.


Right before the rally you were at the train station, nervously awaiting your train and hoping the delay wouldn’t be too long. Or else someone would have to get snacks.

Like the city, you were all aglow with pride and happiness.


Your joy was infectious and brought unlikely people together. Even people who normally kick each other under the table over tiny imagined offenses.


You took off in the rickshaw I had just hailed, saying you owed me one.  Stand for Change, eh? I’d prefer to ride while someone else pedaled for change. Meet me at the Hopleaf next Friday and I’ll accept your apology graciously.


We sat on the steps of the Art Institute people watching…and wondering at


the foresight a city must have to protect its art lions. Can you see the cages they built around them?


You were dressed all in white, except for that crazy Uncle Sam hat. You said you were the Uncle Sam of regimes gone by and you had something in your pillowcase to show me, but then the light turned green and I got swept across the street by the teeming millions. What was in the bag, uncle?


Me: Wielding camera and looking for great graphical skills in a guy with a sense of humor.

You: wearing Obama shirt and holding most coveted sign of the whole evening.


Wait, there’s a whole family of you goofs? You; a whole family of Obama supporters.

Me: Every 5th person demanding you pose for a photo op, which you all happily did. I salute you.


I thought it was sweet when you tucked your email address in the sleeve of my machhiatto venti. But then I forgot about it and tossed it on this heap along with everyone else’s cups and cans. Now I’ll never find you.  Unless we meet up at the Green Convention next month at the recycling booth?


You were wearing an Obama t-shirt and taking pictures. I think you winked at me when I walked by shouting “Oh yeah, we did it!” Did you think I was awesome like I thought you were?


Upon your rooftops there were swat teams. In the trees too. Mounted police barricaded certain areas of you from us.  But did that stop us from celebrating a moment where hope and joy and fraternity outweighed fear? Want to go out for a bite sometime?

2 Responses to “You were wearing an Obama t-shirt and shouting…”

  1. on 07 Nov 2008 at 1:50 pm christine

    Love the kids’ shirts! I want one.

  2. on 12 Nov 2008 at 10:56 pm Kimbac

    From what I’ve seen Obama supports homeschoolers’ rights. This from his own webpage and quoted from his book.:

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