Relaxed Homeschooler Talk Radio is my fledgling talk show on Blog Talk Radio where I explore the world of homeschooling and unschooling with a host of talented and interesting guests with many years of combined experience. I’ve got the next three shows lined up with some amazing speakers you’ll want to hear as you cruise in to another exciting year of homeschooling your children. Whether you homeschool, unschool or just wonder what its all about or if you’d enjoy it, this is the show for you to discover how it all fits together. Speaking to the homeschooling community is something I really love doing and I can’t even describe how happy I am to present these next guests to you, but first…

You can listen live on the second and fourth Monday of every month at 10am central time and call in to comment or or you can listen to past archived shows here:


The latest show is available for listening at my other blog Relaxedhomeskool.com

 You can also download Relaxed Homeschooler as a free podcast at iTunes music store under educational podcasts.


Now for the shows:

September 8th 10-11:30am central time

Show #4

Join me as I speak with my guest Sandra Dodd about her life unschooling her mostly grown now kids. She is the author of the Radical Unschooling website, the inventor of Learn Nothing Day and a tireless champion for respectful parenting. Also, Dayna Martin of Unschooling America will be checking in with us from the Rethinking Education conference to give us a taste of what the world of homeschooling conferences are like.


September 22nd 10-11:30am central time

Show #5

This week Sarah Parent, author of the Clan of Parents blog and the podcast Humans Being will be on the show to talk about unschooling food, to name just one topic. As always, we’ll take callers with thoughts to share and questions.

Dayna Martin will pop in with the second of what we hope to be regular appearances in a radio segments titled View from Utopia.


October 6th 10-11:30am central time

Show #6

Special show-one week early!

Peggy Webb will be the guest this week and we will discuss her life raising 3 unschooled girls and running the West River Academy. She also consults homeschoolers and will be available to answer your questions about keeping transcripts, unschooling high school and helping your teen to take the path they are most interested in.

Call out your teens because Peggy’s youngest daughter, 14-year-old Rachel will also be a guest on the show and will speak to us about her experiences with various types of schooling (all of which she chose to try as an unschooler) and her recent travels to Costa Rica and upcoming travels to Japan to learn the languages among other things. Teens and parents are encouraged to call Rachel with their questions and thoughts.


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