I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Remember the good old days when I used to podcast too? Well, this time I’m trying it again, except without all of that production process which burnt us all out. This time I’m starting a radio program called Relaxed Homeschooler on Blog Talk Radio.  I will have episodes available here as well as at Blog Talk and probably also in the podcast section at the apple store. Meanwhile, you should consider being a guest speaker, or a caller with a question. The first show will be Monday at 10am for folks who want to call in. Here’s the number to call with your comments or questions, (347)633-9765. When you call, just hold on the line for a few minutes and I will answer up until about 10:30am central. This just in, my guest speaker will be Diane Flynn Keith of Homefires, Clickschool and Carschool fame. She’ll share with us her journey from prepackaged curriculum to more unschooly type living and her latest projects!

Here’s my intro over at Blogtalkradio:

I’m pretty excited about this. Are you gathered around, reporters? No? Well, who cares. This is for the little people anyway. The ones who unschool/homeschool their kids. We do read the papers, but we get most of our information elsewhere. From word-of-mouth I’d say. Like most parents, we’re a resourceful bunch but we are compelled to share every resource to the point of compulsion.

As in :”Hey, there’s a new park district piano class that only costs $15 a semester on Thursdays and it is right near that ice cream shop that has half off cones on weekdays.”

Or, “Check it out, Milo loves these fiction books that teach geometry concepts.!”
Or, “I don’t give a crud what they say about reading, I am not offering my daughter free pizzas if she reads 15 books this summer. Reading is its own reward.”

Etc…..So, the new resource in town is Relaxed Homeschooler, a twice a month radio show that you can call in for or download to your MP3 player. The main point is that you will finally have a public venue to vent your woes, be they whiny children, whiny in-laws, curriculum confusion, burn-out, over-eagerness, or juggling -to-muchedness. On the other hand, you can call in to tell us what you love the most about homeschooling as well.  We need good bolstering stories to give us all courage. Like last week, when my newly turned 8-year-old who has generally avoided reading picked up a graphic novel and read 13 pages. Now he’s on book two. As if it were no big thing. I’m screaming with joy inside! And I didn’t even stress out like I did for the first kid who waited until she was 9 and a half to lock on to reading as an awesome thing. So, if you’ve got late readers for example, you are at the right place.

Okay, I should tell you a bit about the host. I am Kim and I have formerly co-hosted the podcasts Homeschool Habitat and Shakespeare Souffle with Ken and our kids. We so enjoyed podcasting and were deeply amazed by the community. I have two blogs Relaxed Homeskool my family blog and Chicago Homeschool Habitat which is about the local happenings for homeschoolers in the Chicago area. This show, Relaxed Homeschooler is for homeschoolers and unschoolers everywhere on the globe and I look forward to getting to know you and the guestspeakers I hope to dig up and convince to join in.

It will probably take a few hours after that to post the show to the site, so look Monday night to listen. Also, I believe the first show will be rather short, seeings as how I will have no huge fan base to call me up.

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