A message from Danny at the Field Museum:



Greetings my fellow homeschoolers!

I have fantastic news! As many of you know Andy Hershberger and I have
been developing Homeschool specific programming for the ’08 and ’09
season here at The Field Museum. We starting the final steps before
our official kickoff in the Fall.

One of our main objectives is to start a quarterly year long Science
Lab specifically for High school Homeschoolers.

Here is the proposal:

*Homeschool High Lab*

Quarterly day long workshops focusing in the four areas of study at
The Field Museum. Fall (anthropology), Winter (geology), Spring

(zoology) and Summer (botany). 30 homeschool high school students and
their parent educators would use the Classroom B laboratory and it’s
equipment with an introduction from four separate Field Museum
scientists whose work focuses in each featured field of study./

Please encourage members of your homeschool community with *high
school* students (*ages 15-19*) to participate in this pilot program.
There will be additional programming for younger age groups, but this
high school specific workshop is for students ages 15-19 only. We
completely respect and understand that there are many homeschool
students doing high school level work at a younger age group, but we
have made this program as flexible as possible within our abilities.

For this year long program to happen at all we need to prove to the
powers that be that there is a need for this type of programming
within the homeschool community. We need to hit our cap of 30
students with this pilot.

Here is the discription of the Homeschool High Lab Pilot:

The Science of Soil: A homeschool lab practicum.
This day long lab class will give high school students an in depth
look at the physical building blocks of soil and well as chemical
analysis and training on how to do an biodiversity study in your
backyard. Using a field museum classroom and exhibitions we will test
your own soil samples and compare them to samples from other parts of
the Chicagoland area. Student will use soil topographic maps to
better understand the prehistoric landscape of their neighborhood
aswell. We will also delve into the world of vermiculture and its
impact on your carbon footprint. Class is $25 per student and will
run from 10:00am-4:00pm on Wed. Sept. 24th 2008. To register contact
Andy Hershberger at 312-665-7548/

Spread the word my friends!

Danny LaBrecque
Crown Family PlayLab
Programs Coordinator
Education Department

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