I’ve never been a fan of external motivation as a way to coax children. But I’m conflicted, because I’ve always been a fan of free stuff. So, that is my little conundrum here. Usually, I work it out quite easily by telling the kids just that. And if by some chance I added the words “water park” they’d be willing to collect acorns for 6 hours, let alone do something they already want to do, like read. So, here is a link to the newest Chicagoland waterpark and their new reading program offered to homeschoolers.

I also received an email with important info about how the teacher can get in for free too:

“If you have any questions, please call 630-385-8369 (pre-opening group sales) or just reply back to this email.


Home School Note:

1) We also welcome all homeschool parents to participate, however the free “teacher ticket” offer would only apply to homeschool groups not families. So if you want to earn the free “teacher ticket” get together a group of 10 or more homeschool children and you’ll be splashin’ for free!


General Note:

1) This program is open to those students 14 and younger and the ticket voucher is redeemable only by those 14 and under.

2) When the student reading logs have been returned to you, you can email a student recap sheet to us at sales@ragingwaves.com …please make sure to include your name, school name, all address/phone info + if you want us to mail the ticket vouchers or hold for you to pick up at Raging Waves.


Please pass this link on to your fellow teachers, librarians and home school friends…REMIND THEM that they do have to sign up at this link FIRST to be a part of the program… Raging Waves Waterpark • School Reading Program


Again…THANK YOU for participating in our 2008 School Reading Program!



Raging Waves Waterpark…Chicagoland’s Family Waterpark!

IL Hwy 47 North

Yorkville IL

Grand Opening June 14, 2008″

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  1. on 12 May 2008 at 7:49 am Margaret Hoshell

    I have a group of 10 homeschoolers for the reading program. What do I do first? Margaret Hoshell

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