Resources. Have you ever wanted to recall who directed a film or when it came out so you went to the Internet Movie database and got sucked in to the vortex of information? I have. It is a similar feeling to looking upon a word in the dictionary but then stumbling across the word mooncalf and making a mental note to use it that day.

Resources used to be in the library only, but now there are so many online that a good hardworking homeschooling family could spend the day swimming through the more intriguing ones and forgetting why they are there in the first place really. Even so, there are some resources you go looking for when you need them, and if it weren’t for me you’d never find them because I am-as my friend Mary likes to call me- the bag lady. Wait. She does but that’s not it. She calls me resource queen because I know about all of the free stuff to do in town. She’s not even familar with my internet resource savvy yet. Probably because she’s too busy sending me chain emails so she has less time to read my blog.

One of the resources that would be very helpful to homeschoolers is the Online Education Database. Here you can read about the online education options for all majors, from early education to health, legal and technical tossed in to boot. Just recently they’ve done 2 cool things, one, they ranked online colleges. Two, they listed their top 5o homeschooling blogs. Number 11. Ahem. You’ll see some friends there who MAY be ranked even higher. Anyway, if you or yours are considering online higher education this is the resource. My only wish is that they would broaden the ages to include online education for the younger crowd too so that homeschooler’s had a reason to visit there more often.

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