Speaking of science…is it time for you to get a refresher course?

Spring Valley Nature Center in Schaumburg, will hold a science
workshop for homeschooling parents to help them explore what science
is and how to impart that to their kids.

This fun, informative workshop is helpful for homeschoolers of any
background–unschoolers, eclectic learners and classical learners.
Parents will participate in hands-on activities that they can then
bring home and show their kids. The workshop will also explain about
different modes of learning and how to recognize that in your kids.

A $50 stipend is available for those that sign up early. Sign up now!

Here is a link to Spring Valley,


To register please call Mary at, (847) 985-2100

We hope to see you there! However you approach homeschooling with
your family, this engaging workshop can further develop your own
analytical thinking and help you bring that out in your children.

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