This is a sample of the monthly newsletter Julie Schnepper puts out every month at the Northern Illinois Homeschool Monthly list. Visit there to subscribe. Isn’t it chock full of stuff? Maybe you ought to print it out and take it to your kids swim lessons so you have time to peruse it at leisure. It makes me feel as if I’m missing a few details here at CHH!


Question of the month:

What is your favorite science curriculum? What age/grade level is it
geared towards? What do you like about it?



Fermilab and SPARKS (Supporting Parents in Advocacy, Reform and
Knowledge in Science) are presenting a two-day workshop for parents
of children in grades K-6.
Audience: Public, Grades -1 – 6
Description: Be a Science Advocate for your child. Explore ways to
excite children about science at a two-day workshop Saturday, October
27th and Saturday, November 3rd from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. at the
Lederman Science Center. Get ideas, materials, and practical
information to help you and your child explore the wonders of
science. Register online at http://ed.fnal.gov (click on “Calendar”)
or call Nancy Lanning at 630-840-5588 for registration issues or call
Sue Sheehan at 630-840-5058 for questions related to the workshop.
This workshop is for parents only. Parents will receive a $50.00
stipend after attending the two-day workshop.
Fee: No fee


The Home Educators Loving Parents (H.E.L.P.) homeschool support group
is pleased to announce that Matt McNatt, Director of McNatt Learning
Center, will present a talk about special needs children and
reluctant learners.
Matt will discuss how to overcome the obstacles that keep our
children from learning and what you can we do to make teaching and
learning more compatible.
The presentation will be held on Tuesday, September 25, at the Elk
Grove Village Library, 1001 Wellington Ave, Elk Grove Village. The
doors open for the presentation at 7:00 pm. The meeting will start
at 7:30 pm and last until 9:00 pm. This presentation is intended for
adults and child care is not provided.
Matthew McNatt, Learning Center Director, enjoys helping children and
adults overcome learning disabilities and maximize their God-given
potentials through neurodevelopmental assessments and at-home
activities, in-clinic cognitive and sensory-motor training, and home-
school support. An educational philosopher, certified HANDLER
Screener and HANDLER Intern, and published author with personal
experience overcoming neurological deficits, Matthew enjoys seeing
the hand of God in both triumphs and struggles. He relishes helping
others appreciate God’s design and attend to it in learning.
Matthew is also an Advanced Structure of Intellect Practitioner,
certified handwriting consultant and Physical Language Specialist
with Peterson Directed Handwriting, and certified teacher of
Instrumental Enrichment Levels I, II, & III. Matthew has also
received training in Interactive Metronome, Audiblox, The Listening
Program (TLP) and PACE/BrainSkills.>
The McNatt Learning Center, Inc. is located at 925 Sycamore St.,
Suite S, Ottawa, IL 61350 USA. Phone/Fax/Mobile: 815-433-9500


Sponsored by Miller Pads and Paper
Join us for an evening of fun and encouragement as Renee Miller
shares exciting ideas and examples she has gleaned from 20 years of
experience with Miller Pads and Paper and her 20 plus years of
homeschooling her 4 grown children. She will share how to
successfully teach art through core subjects and how to teach art
basics to your children. Come and learn why, Art is the Clue That
Makes it Stick!
Randy and Renee will be bringing their convention displays filled
with lots of “make learning fun” supplies and especially Miller’s
Pads and Paper!
Each person (couples) attending will receive a workshop hand-out and
a FREE Thank-you gift! This event is for adults only. There will not
be childcare available for the evening.
Please contact Dawn Boyer for directions and/or questions about this
special night. You can either call by phone at 815-233-5327 or e-mail
at cr8td2praise@… please DO NOT contact the church with
questions regarding this event.
Date: 10/15/07
Time: 7pm
Location: Park Hills Church Fellowship Hall, 2525 W. Stephenson,
Cost: Free!!!


An Evening that could Revolutionize your Family
Do you feel like you are running on a treadmill? Do you want to have
sweet relationships with your children as they are growing up and not
experience the heartache of rebellion and immorality? Do your
children have greater purpose in life than just to have fun? Be
challenged and find ways that God can set your family on a journey of
spiritual unity, purpose and direction of which you never dreamed.
The Encouragement for the Homeschool Family Conference will be held
October 4th (7-9:30pm) at Medinah Baptist Church in Medinah. There is
no cost for the conference, but a love offering box will be available
to help with the Maxwells’ traveling expenses. Pre-registration is
For more information on the conference, please visit
http://www.Titus2.com and click Conferences on the side bar or call/e-
mail Kalid and Denise Hassoun (denisehassoun@… or 847-343-1093
or secondary, 847-343-1092) or Angie Anderson (keithangie03@…
or 630-690-1399).


Come hear how they can! Kim Bruton of Admissions Outreach for Harper
College will be speaking to OLQP at our monthly meeting Thursday
Sept. 27th, 2007 7:30 p.m. at St. Joseph’s Home for the Elderly
(Little Sisters of the Poor) 80 W. Northwest Highway in Palatine. The
parking lot entrance is directly across the street from the Burger
Meeting and speaker will be in the auditorium (upon entering the main
entrance, turn left and the auditorium is on the right).
All are welcome. Invite anyone who may be interested. No registration
or RSVP needed.


Schaumburg H.O.U.S.E. is sponsoring this class by popular speaker,
educator and home schooling mom, Kathy Wentz.
This series of eight, 90-minute classes will introduce a visual and
kinesthetic teaching system for learning complex algebraic concepts
such as negative variables and the distributive property. Students
need a foundation in arithmetic, including division, but do not need
to have memorized all their math facts. No previous algebraic
experience is needed for success!
Tuition for the program is $90 per student. Classes will be held at
Poplar Creek Library in Streamwood. See below for details.
Students are asked to please bring a pencil to each class. Yes,
there is homework (about four problems a day). No grades are
given; there is no testing; and no one is ever asked to do a problem
in front of the class.
Parents are encouraged to attend classes for FREE and will each be
expected to participate in the class just as their students do. This
program is quite a different approach, and we want to show you how
wonderful algebra can be and having more than one family member using
it and understanding it can really help when someone gets stuck doing
Minimum class size: 10 students (parents are not included in this
count) Maximum class size: 20 students (parents are not included in
this count)
If you have any questions about the content of the class, please
feel free to contact our instructor Kathy Wentz at
According to Kathy, “There is no age range for the class. There is an
ability level–and I know all too well that some 7-year-olds have the
necessary skills and some don’t have them until [age] 14 or beyond.
What I ask is that they know addition, subtraction, multiplication
and division–but do not have to have memorized their facts. In fact,
algebra will really help them learn their facts! If they know that 5
goes into 20 four times they are typically ready for the class.”
LOCATION: Classes will take place from 12:30 to 2:00 pm on the
Wednesdays in October and November. The dates are: October: 3, 10,
17, 24, 31 and November: 7, 14,21, 28. This allows us to take one
week off (possibly Halloween or the Wednesday before Thanksgiving).
The class and the instructor will decide which Weds. to skip. Classes
will be held in Meeting Room A at Poplar Creek Library, 1405 S. Park
Blvd., Streamwood, IL 60107. Please do NOT call the library for
information. The library is located on Park Blvd., which is about 1.5
miles EAST of Route 59 and about 2 miles WEST of Barrington Road. It
is about two blocks SOUTH of Irving Park Road, and about one mile
NORTH of Lake St./Route 20.
CANCELLATION: This class will be cancelled if there are not enough
students enrolled. If that is the case, full refunds will be given.
Kathy Wentz will handle all class withdrawals after the classes begin.
ADMINISTRATIVE NOTES: To reserve your place in class, please send a
note and check to Jane Crouse, 113 Woodcrest Circle, Streamwood, IL
60107; 630.289.4873; E-mail: jcedit89@…. Please let Jane
know the names and ages of the students you are signing up. A
refundable deposit of $45 (half the tuition fee) should accompany
your RSVP. Please make checks payable to Kathy Wentz.
Final tuition payments will be collected on November 7, 2007.
Thank you for your interest!

Northwest Suburban Driving School located right next to the train
station in Crystal Lake is offering homeschoolers a very reduced rate
for the daytime session that are held during the time public schooled
teens are in school.
Be sure to type homeschooled in the notes section, which will flag
them that you were using the discount.
They are on the web at http://NWDrive.com Ed Pudlo is the owner, and
he is a homeschool Dad that really wants the kids
to have fun, learn what they need to know, while helping out families
who spend their time with their kids instead of working.
Your teen can begin at 14 if they will turn 15 before the classroom
portion ends.
You must be 15 to take the test for your permit.

Class is being offered at Our Savior Evangelical Free Church in
Wheeling. This class emphasizes principles of confession,
forgiveness, communication and character development. The material is
designed for 3rd grade (8 years) and up. Parents are invited to join
for free. Amy will be teaching and holds a psychology and
communications major from Trinity International University. She has
taught classes on communication skills, etiquette and behavior. This
class begins on Tuesday, 9/25 from 1-2:30pm and will run every other
Tuesday through April. There are 13 classes total and the fee is $15
per child.
Contact Amy Burnham at aapburnham@… for information and
registration form.

Save the dates and take the time to help your children soar like an
eagle on the basketball court!
Home Run Kids Eagles is a competitive home school basketball program
that is available for 5th graders (10years old) through High
Schoolers located at Village Church of Gurnee. There will be
devotions and prayer at practices and games as team spirit and
confidence are developed with a focus on being the best we can be for
If interested in playing, helping or coaching, please contact Pam
Ostrander at pjostrander@…. The schedule is yet to be
finalized and depends on the number and ages of players interested as
well as coaches’ availability. Spots are limited and tryouts may be
Practices/tryouts begin in November. The season lasts through
February, with maybe a high school tournament in March. Games are
played against other home school groups, small Christian and private
schools. Days of practices/games are mostly scheduled for Mondays,
Thursdays and Fridays.
The goal is for every player to play every game; however, playing
time may not be equal, since the goal is also to be competitive.
For your information, last year we had a 5-7th grade boys’ team, 8th-
High School boys’ team, 4-8th grade girls’ team and 8th-High School
girls’ team.
Our hope this year is to have a separate 8-9th grade boys’ team as
*Please note that ages/grades are general guidelines. Depending on
the ability and maturity level and parent’s involvement, ages/grades
may vary.

Hi, my name is Zachary Miller. For several years my family has had a
Civil War party at our farm in conjunction with the Civil War Re-
enactment in Marengo. Most people who came enjoyed the dances like
The Virginia Reel and other general dances of that era. As a result,
I thought it would be good to start a dance society that would
promote the preservation of these types of dances while also
providing an opportunity for Christian kids and families to get
together and fellowship. Below is a brief overview of the purpose and
specifics of what is involved.
Mission: The purpose of the Christian Vintage Dance Society is to
preserve and propagate the art of dancing, as it was before the
1920’s; to help promote a standard style for these dances; and to
provide another opportunity for young people to meet a wide variety
of like minded people.
Dancing has historically been a very important part of society. Also,
if you look back over time, dance has been a very accurate gauge of
cultural morality. There is an importance to maintaining and
remembering past traditions, and perhaps a revival of dancing, as it
was in former days, could possibly help change our culture for the
The society can help be a standard setter. There are many different
ways and variations that people do the dances. This is not necessary
bad, but it would be beneficial to have a standard. That will help
eliminate the confusion that often occurs when trying to teach these
dances. One of the things the society will do is look at old dance
manuals, and find the standard way that these dances were done, and
teach that to others.
Dancing was one of the main social functions of earlier times, and it
was an excellent way for young people to meet and become friends.
This is one of the additional benefits of the society.
Meetings: The meetings are once a month, on the second Friday of
every month, from between 7:30 – 9:30 pm. We are meeting at Zion
United Church of Christ in Carpentersville, IL. At the meetings we
learn new dances, and refine the ones we already know. These meetings
are used to learn dancing, and are structured like, for example, a
speech club. Any or all family members are be welcome even if they
just wanted to observe the learning of the dances or just enjoy the
time together as a family.
Membership: There are two different levels of membership: full
membership and junior membership. Full membership is for people 12
and older, junior for 11 and younger. All can come to the monthly
meetings, but because the dances require a considerable amount of
coordination and memory, it is really best for kids around 10 or
older and young adults. There will be some dances both groups will
dance, and some will be done separately. The full member group might
go and learn a new dance, and the junior will either be learning an
easier dance, or dancing what they already know. This way, everyone
who wants to dance is included. Families are free to come and visit,
but there is a $25 per year fee per family to be members of this
group. This goes toward the rental of the facility.
Commitment: There is a commitment of time, to go to the meetings, and
possibly to practice some on your own during the month. There is a
small annual membership fee of $25 per family, to cover the cost of
renting the building, etc. There is also a commitment as to dress. At
the meetings guys are required to wear at least dress pants and a
collared shirt and girls a modest skirt and blouse or nice dress. If
you will be interested in being a part of this society, please let me
(Zachary Miller) know. I can be reached by email at
lordssoldier700@… or phone at 815-568-0453.

Schaumburg Park District Sport Center
1141 W. Irving Park Rd
Wed; 10/24-12/12; ages 6-12; 10-11am
$42/$62 non-resident

Schaumburg Park District Community Recreation Center
505 N. Springinsguth Rd.
Thurs; 9/6-11/8; ages 7-13; 11:30am-1pm
Thurs; 1/10-3/13; ages 7-13; 11:30am-1pm
$46/66 non-resident


Monthly (second Friday of every month) ice skating sponsored by
T.E.A.C.H. Tri-county Eclectic And Creative Homeschoolers.
Friday, October 12, 2007
Hoffman Estates Park District Community Center & Ice Arena
1685 W. Higgins Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169
$2 if you have skates
$3 if you need to rent skates
Open to all homeschoolers.

Would you like to give your child the opportunity to practice
business skills and make some money? Do you have art or crafts which
you’d like to sell? You can by registering for a booth at the
Chocolate Festival at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Elgin on Oct.
13 from 9:00 -3:00. Simply bring an item showcasing your wares to be
raffled off and you receive free booth space!
See http://www.holytrinityelgin.org/chocolate!.htm for details and

Rockford Park District offers a discount program at Carlson Ice Arena
and Sapora Playworld for homeschool students. The program is offered
every Wednesday, 9/12/07-5/14/08, and features indoor ice skating
from 2:20-4:20pm. During the sessions, Playworld indoor playground
will be open for children 12 and younger. Discount prices are offered
for skating, skate rental, Playworld and combinations, including a
family package with all activities for $20 ($25 non-resident).
Carlson Ice Arena, 4150 N. Perryville Rd (at E. Riverside Blvd.),
Loves Park.

OCTOBER 1, 2007
Activities are planned for children ages 3-18. Admission to the
museum and most activities is free; however, advance registration is
The museum’s entrance is located off Springfield Pike at historic
Wright Field (Gate 28B), approximately six miles northeast of Dayton,
Hours: The museum is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week.
Admission to the museum is FREE. There is a charge for the IMAX

Colonial Williamsburg has Homeschool Week in the Fall and the Spring.
The admission rates are considerably cheaper than the regular rates.
They have a fee for the whole week that is less than one day’s
regular admission! It is a great educational experience with living
history!!! call: 1-800-228-8878 or visit their website:
http://www.colonialwilliamsburg.com you can download their Home
Educator Week brochure at this link:


The company Historical Perspectives for Children will be enacting
Laura Ingalls Wilder on October 10th from 2-3pm at the Barrington
Area Library. The charge is $5 per child and parents are free. Please
notify Debbie Homola at Debbie@… to register.

Get a great look at the Christian colleges that interest you!
Thursday, October 11, 2007
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Immanuel Church
2300 Dilleys Road
Gurnee, IL 60031
For more information, check
or phone 888-423-2477.

Hi. My name is Maureen Reed. I homeschool my son in the Chicago area
and also own a business selling board games.
I’ve been working with the Chicago Toy & Game Fair as their Director
of Education Development and I’d like to let you and your members
know about the new programs I’ve added that hopefully will interest
First, a little bit about the Fair. The dates this year are November
17-18. This is our fifth year. We used to be at the Navy Pier but
last year we moved to the Renaissance Hotel & Expo in Schaumburg. We
are the only mainstream consumer toy & game show in the U.S. All the
other shows are either hobby oriented or wholesale only. We have a
full range of exhibitors, from the big names like Hasbro and Disney
to the single person independent manufacturers that you can’t find at
your local box store. We’re a great place to find that unique gift
just in time for Christmas. We expect over 20,000 in attendance this
We have added three educational programs this year: Young Inventor
Challenge; WorldBee, A Geography Challenge; Games in Education Forum
& Seminar.
The Young Inventor Challenge is for kids 18 and younger who have
great ideas for a new toy or game. An Inventor’s Guide is provided to
walk them through the invention process and the presentation is
similar to a science fair. Winners will be determined by popular vote
with some great prizes and recognition from professionals in the toy
& game industry.
On Sunday, we have our WorldBee, a Geography Challenge for kids in
grades 4-8 or equivalent level of study. The questions will be taken
from the many great geography based board games available at the
Fair. This is a single elimination Bee with prizes for the top 5
winners. First place wins a $1,500 travel voucher from Milne American
Express Travel.
For the adults, we have a “Games in Education” Forum on Saturday.
This is a professional level event that is an authorized Illinois
Continuing Professional Development Unit (CPDU) provider for teacher
certification credits. But I’ve made sure it will be equally relevant
to parent educators (my personal preferred term for homeschooling!) I
hope the Chicago area homeschool community will consider attending an
event on equal footing with professional educators.
More information about these events including official rules of
participation is posted at http://www.highcontentgames.com/chi-tag and
http://www.chitag.com Kids who sign up for the Young Inventor
Challenge get in free. There’s also a Boy Scout merit badge program
associated with the Young Inventor Challenge that might interest some
Maureen K. Reed

Volo Bog’s Ghost Stories features two Storytellers!
Saturday, October 13; 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Registration Deadline 3:00p.m.; Sunday, October 7
Phone or email for instructions on obtaining the parking pass
required for entry.
Two Storytellers at Volo Bog’s Ghost Stories!
Storyteller Sue Black has charmed audiences with her warmth and
creativity since 1997, telling original and traditional stories from
around the world. Sue will kick off our evening with stories from her
collection of Giggles, Jumps and Squeals – a whole lot of Halloween
fun and a little spooky too! These family-friendly stories celebrate
the season with just enough shivers to delight listeners of all
ages. Then from Ghosts, Shivers and Screams Sue will include a
witches’ brew of spine-tingling stories! These stories run shivers
down your spine and cause those little hairs on the back of your neck
to rise. You might want to bring a friend — it will be dark when you
go home!
After intermission, the stories will become more complex and just a
bit scarier as we welcome Don Falkos, a Storyteller, Storytelling
Coach, Actor and Writer. Don tells personal stories, traditional
stories, spiritual stories, tall tales, folk tales, faerie tales and
of course, ghost stories. His style ranges from serious to humorous,
from personal to traditional, from quiet to downright boisterous.
Don’s ghost stories are mostly originals, which are scary in a
chilling rather than gruesome or terrifying way. He is a board member
of the Northlands Storytelling Network.
Bring lawn chairs and/or blankets… blankets to hide under as well
as to keep warm! Geared toward adults as well as kids, a minimum age
of 5 is strictly enforced. Donations will be requested ($5/adult;
$2/child). Reservations are required at 815-344-1294 or
If registering by email, please tell us how many adults & kids (with
age of the youngest) and share your phone number too. Limit – one
vehicle per registrant – no group registration.


Sept 29th – Oct 28th
Daily – Scarecrow Trail – 8 a.m.–6 p.m.
This family-oriented trail follows the path around beautiful Meadow
Lake and showcases nature themed scarecrows designed by local Girl
Scout troops. Vote for your favorite!

Sept. 30, Oct. 8 (Columbus Day) & Sundays Oct. 14, 21, & 28
Giant Pumpkin Carving: 1–4 p.m.
Pumpkin carving artist Steve Dahlke demonstrates his talents turning
500 pound pumpkins into giant jack-o’-lanterns.

Hair-raising activities to entertain the whole family…
Libertyville, IL – Calling all ghosts and goblins! The 3rd Annual
Haunted Harvest of Lambs Farm is a spooky celebration full of fun and
pulse quickening adventure for thrill seekers of all ages. This
annual fall event transforms the Lambs Farm Farmyard into a
colorfully eerie Halloween festival every Saturday night in October.

Graveyard Golf offers miniature golf among tombstones and other
ghastly sights and the Creature Walk leads visitors through the
darkened Farmyard. Young children can have some lighthearted fun on
the Enchanted Carousel. Children of all ages will enjoy playing games
in the autumn night at the Monster Midway. Haunted House fans will
not want to miss the Train of Terror, a spine tingling journey
through the creature filled woods around Lambs Lake. The Train of
Terror is not for the faint of heart and features gruesome vignettes,
live monsters and ghouls lurking in the pitch black forest. This
train ride is sure to satisfy true fright fans. Visitors are also
invited to stop by the Cauldron Café for delicious treats, sweets,
and warm beverages. After an evening of Halloween fun, guests can
purchase the perfect pumpkin and other Halloween decorations at our
Pumpkin Patch.
WHEN: Saturday nights in October, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
WHERE: Lambs Farm, Intersection of I-94 and Route 176 in
Libertyville , Illinois
ADMISSION: $15.00 for an all night pass, free for children under 3
with the purchase of an adult pass. (Individual pricing is also
available: Graveyard Golf $5, Creature Walk $3, Enchanted Carousel
$3, Train of Terror $5)

Michigan Ave between Randolph and Monroe St, Chicago
Join in the fun and hold onto your seats as Spooky Stories haunt the
park this Fall. Professional storytellers will give you chills and
thrills as they tell wild and scary stories under a big Halloween
tent. Special stories for different ages and fright levels.

Complete two weeks of homework, fill out the chart and redeem it at
Chuck E Cheese for 10 free tokens.

Rockford Park District’s Atwood Environmental Center invites the
public to enjoy a Fabulous Fall Fun Day event at Seth B. Atwood Park,
Saturday, September 29, noon-4:00 p.m. Visitors can explore portions
of the 334-acre park on guided hikes through the diverse beauty of
woodlands, prairie, and meadows. Other scheduled activities include
fascinating Birds of Prey presentations at 12:30 and 3:30
p.m., “nature blitz” hikes at 1:00 and 2:00, a prairie tour with seed
collection at 2:00, live reptile presentation at 2:30, a “Frogs and
Fish of the Kish” session at 3:00, and Native American clay pot
making all day (demonstration at 1:15). Admission is free, with
donations accepted to support environmental education; a $3.00
materials fee per person is required for the clay pottery activity.
Refreshments will be available for purchase. Atwood Park is located
at 2685 New Milford School Rd. just south of the Rockford city limits
off 11th St. For more information, call 815 874-7576.

The Getaway is a teenage playground for 13-18 year olds. It is at 101
15th Ave on the east of Black Hawk Park in Rockford. There is a large
stage and dance floor, a changeable maze, teen size swings, three
slides and a treehouse.


Date: September 11, 2007
Time: 11am-3pm
Holiday Inn
800 S.R. 31
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Directions: S.R. 31, Crystal Lake Exit
A Beka Book Representative: Tim Hufhand

Date: September 12, 2007
Time: 11am-3pm
Holiday Inn
411 S. Larkin Rd.
Joliet, IL 60436
Directions: I-80, Larkin Rd. Exit
A Beka Book Representative: Tim Hufhand

Date: September 26, 2007
Time: 11am-3pm
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites
150 S. Gary Ave.
Carol Stream, IL 60188
Directions: I-355 to Hwy. 64, west 4 miles to Gary Ave.
A Beka Book Representative: Tim Hufhand


Pizza Hut has temporarily extended its enrollment for the Fall 2007
Book It Program. Register today at http://www.bookitprogram.com to

Call the Read to Succeed toll-free line at 1-866-308-1362 with
questions and to order the program. Click here and order online at
Order by November 15, 2007! Quantities Are Limited!
Orders will be taken on a first come, first served basis. Only one
program will be sent per school. Each school must be registered
separately. Take note: The program will not be sent automatically to
schools that have participated in the past. All Schools must register
each year.

The Basics: Ozzie’s Reading Club is a reading incentive program
sponsored by the Kane County Cougars, a minor league professional
baseball team located in Geneva.
The program begins in January and lasts eight weeks
and includes exciting incentives, such as free Cougars
tickets, which motivate students to read. In the previous twelve
years, over 1,000,000 students have experienced the fun of reading
with Ozzie. The program is open to readers through junior high school.
Here’s How It Works! Ozzie’s Reading Club tracks the progress of a
student’s reading around the bases of a baseball diamond with the
three bases and home plate each representing two
week’s worth of reading. Each teacher may determine
his or her own reading requirements.
Students completing the program’s requirements “hit a
home run” and earn a free ticket to an April or May
Cougars game designated by their school. Other rewards may include a
bookmark, a voucher for a hot dog and soda as well as an official
Ozzie’s Reading Club T-shirt. In addition, they will be honored in a
pre-game parade on the field. Parents, siblings and friends can
purchase tickets to attend the game for just $9.00.
Benefits: The teacher determines the reading requirements
for the students. Options include the number of pages read,
minutes read or books read. The Cougars will supply all materials
including classroom posters, student rewards, game day vouchers and
sample letters to parents. The readers from your school who “hit home
runs” may sit together at a Cougars game. Your school may select
either an evening or weekend game.
Feedback “I want to thank you for allowing my home schooled children
to participate in Ozzie’s Reading Club. The neighborhood children all
wear their Reading Club T-shirts, and I’m so glad my boys earned
theirs as well. They love the opportunity to come to a game with all
of their friends and really enjoy the parade. Thank you again for
allowing home schools the opportunity of joining the Ozzie’s Reading
“Thank you so much for including the home schools in your program. My
children love reading for the reward of meeting Ozzie and coming to a
game. It’s a wonderful way to help enrich my children and they’ve
already begun reading for the next baseball season.”
Kane County Cougars • 34W002 Cherry Lane • Geneva, IL 60134 Phone:
(630)232-8811 • Fax: (630)232-8815
e-mail: ozziereadingclub@…

Chicago Rush Football Reading Program to earn a ticket to a game.
Laura Visin
Community Relations Manager
Chicago Rush Arena Football
(773) 243-3439



ECHO Carving Series Championship
Saturday, October 6 through Monday, October 8
Like power tools?
Have a thing for art?
Then you WOOD not want to miss out on the 2007 ECHO Carving Series!
Witness the ECHO Carving Series Championship, during which eight
chain saw sculptors will carve pieces for 20 hours each. Final
judging will be held on October 8—the public will be invited to
choose their favorite too!

Boo! at the Zoo
Saturday and Sundays in October: 20 – 21; 27 – 28
Howl and hoot in the holiday at Brookfield Zoo’s own Halloween
extravaganza! You and your family can compete in one of Chicagoland’s
largest costume showcases, march in a parade, get up close to wolves,
owls, snakes, and other wonderfully creepy critters, and enjoy all
sorts of seasonal entertainment. Kids even take home free goodie bags


Harvest Days presented by
John Deere at the Farm-in-the-Zoo
October 6&7
Noon–3 p.m.
Celebrate the harvest as you watch a blacksmith in action, make
crafts, enter a tractor race or decorate a pumpkin. Enjoy music,
animal activities and much more. Free for all ages. Entertainment:
Pumpkin patch and pumpkin decorating (while supplies last); DJ;
Blacksmith Demonstration; Face painting; Crafts Animal Activities:
Feed the cows at the Dairy Barn 10:30 and 3:30 p.m.; Cow-milking
demonstration at the Dairy Barn 2:30 p.m.; Goat Pen open noon–3:30
p.m.; Meet the animals at throughout the day.


NOTEBAERT NATURE MUSEUM, http://www.naturemuseum.org
Thursdays are free (suggested $7 donation for adults)

Reptiles: The Beautiful and the Deadly
Teacher Open House
October 17, 3:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Earn one CPDU for each hour you participate.
$5 early bird registration fee
$8 advanced registration (after September 26)
$10 at the door
View Reptiles: The Beautiful and the Deadly, the Museum’s newest
special exhibition
Participate in hands-on mini-workshops
Register for your class field trip
Receive a 20% discount off Museum purchases
Register for special raffle prizes
Take home Reptiles curriculum materials
Enjoy light refreshments

ART INSTITUTE, http://www.artic.edu
Children under 12 are free everyday; students are $7; adults are $12.
Thursdays are free from 5pm-8pm. The entire month of February is

GARFIELD PARK CONSERVATORY, http://www.artofplaychicago.com
Children are free (suggested $5 donation per adult)
Niki in the Garden, Now through October 31, Daily 9am-5pm, Thursdays
until 8pm

Burpee Museum of Natural History, located in Rockford, Illinois,
offers homeschool classes, scouting programs and group tours. Classes
are hands-on, natural history based for 9-12 year olds on 3 Thursdays
a month. Class length: 2 hours. Cost: $12/members, $16 /non-members,
discounts for siblings. September classes start on the 13th, but
students need not come for all three weeks of each month. Check out
the website for more information at http://www.burpee.org Click on
Education and look under Families. Hope to see you at the home of

DISCOVERY CENTER MUSEUM, http://discoverycentermuseum.org
Admission: $5 adults, $4 children 2-17, under 2 free.
On the Move
Sunday, September 30; 1:00-4:00 p.m. How do you get from here to
there? Celebrate the opening of our newest exhibit “From Here To
There” with special opening day activities. Visit our parking lot for
an up-close look at fire trucks, earthmovers, race cars and lots more
vehicles used for all kinds of work; make and race your own car,
construct a train, design a helicopter, test your airplane skills and
more. Included with Discovery Center admission.

Discount Days On discount days, general admission is free, and
admission to both the Oceanarium and Wild Reef is available for an
additional fee.
September, last three Mondays (Sept. 10, 17, 24)
October, Mondays and Tuesdays (Oct. 1, 2, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30)
Week of October 8-12

Discount Days
September, last three Mondays (Sept. 10, 17, 24)
October, Mondays and Tuesdays (Oct. 1, 2, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30)
Week of October 8-12

Discount Days (Museum admission is free on these days. An additional
fee for shows applies.)
September, last three Mondays (Sept. 10, 17, 24)
October, Mondays and Tuesdays (Oct. 1, 2, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30)
Week of October 8-12

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++HOMESCHOOL E-NEWSLETTERS

If you haven’t done so already, check out Barbara Frank’s “The
Imperfect Homeschooler”. It is a monthly e-newsletter that is full
of encouragement, thought provoking ideas and wonderful resources!!


SEPT 26 – OCT 2
We honor your hard and rewarding work with an “apple” of our own by
welcoming current and retired teachers to take part in our Educator
Savings Week. You’ll enjoy 25% off your
personal and classroom purchases of list priced books, CDs, DVDs,
cafe items, gifts & stationery and more* when you bring in your
current Classroom Discount Card, educator ID or pay stub.
For more information, please visit
Don’t miss our Special Reception of food, fun, and prizes, Friday,
September 28 from 4:00 – 8:00 PM at Borders stores nationwide.
*May not be combined with sale pricing; coupons; or corporate,
classroom or other group discounts. Excludes previous and online
purchases. **Receptions not held at Waldenbooks or Borders Express.


Would you please send this out to all home educators?
I am looking for home school families in Indiana and Illinois that
educate their child with Down’s Syndrome.
Please contact me by email: )
Thank you,
Debi Sodo
Mother of Joel 2 1/2

I missed your deadline for books wanted or to sell (our power was out-
-along with some 600,000 others!) but….
Could you help me find for borrow or to buy:
The Land of Fair Play (put out by Christian Liberty Press)
Physical Science by Jay Wile
Any help that you could give me would be appreciated.



“The one thing I did to control the paperwork was to buy different
colored plastic bins or containers with holes in them, like a small
basket. Each child has his own basket and that’s where their stuff is
located. I keep them right on the counter in our activity room or
they can be stacked or slid under something. I keep their Awana
books, Bibles, handwriting books, math and whatever they regularly
work on in these baskets. It has been very effective.”

Thanks for the great tip Ann!


One thing life has taught me: if you are interested, you never have
to look for new interests. They come to you. When you are genuinely
interested in one thing, it will always lead to something else.
Eleanor Roosevelt


It is my hope that you find this monthly publication a resource in
your homeschool. If you have an upcoming event or resource you would
like other homeschoolers to know about, send an e-mail
(Mahaza@…) providing details such as date, time, location,
contact, etc. I will include the information in the next edition.
Deadline for publication is the 10th of each month. Publication is
the 15th of each month.

Julie Schnepper

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