Here’s a message from Carol about the very fun unschooling trip being planned for January. Unschoolers around the country are invited!

Hey Everyone!

I just finalized all the information with the Kalahari Waterpark Resort for a winter waterpark gathering that will be Jan 21 – 24 (Mon – Thur.), 2008

Reservations will be directly through the Kalahari Waterpark Resort. They have not completed adding our group to their system, yet. But, should be ready for taking reservations soon, for our group. I’ll let you know when they’re ready to take our reservations.

I also created a yahoo group solely for the exchange and discussion of the winter waterpark gatherings. This way everyone can see who’s all coming, find suite mates, etc…

Here’s the yahoo group you’ll need to join for further information and how to make reservations: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UWWG/

We’ll be advertising this to unschoolers throughout the country. The hotel has 881 rooms, so might as well fill them with as many unschoolers as we can get, otherwise the hotel will fill them with other guest.

Here’s the info: ( I’ll also enclose it as an attachment for those who may want to download and pass along the info.)

This is going to be sooooo much fun! I’m really glad Barbara’s daughters suggested a winter waterpark gathering. It will be great seeing everyone again, along with lots of new faces!

~ Carol



The first UWWG (Unschoolers Winter Waterpark Gathering) will be at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio; January 21 – 24 ( Mon – Thurs). They’re giving us super discounted rates that will be good whether you decide to come for 1 or all 4 nights.

The Kalahari Waterpark Resort is the premier in waterpark resorts in the country. When their addition is completed in December, they’ll be the largest indoor waterpark in the USA ( 173,000sq. ft of indoor waterpark). The Kalahari is like a mini village with 881 rooms, a full spa, several restaurants, gift shops, a candy shop, live African animals on display, putt-putt, giant game room and more. Their waterpark includes everything from lazy river rides and a wave pool for surfing and boogie boarding, to giant slides and thrilling water coasters. They also have an activities coordinator (kind of like Julie on the “Love-boat”) who will work with us to organize activities from crafts to movie nights).

Here’s the Kalahari’s link to their website.

a.. We have reserved a large block of rooms for our Unschoolers Jan. 21 – 24, 2008, only.
b.. All rooms and suites include waterpark passes (note-day passes alone are $35 /person. So, as you’ll see below, we’re getting discounted waterpark passes and basically a free resort room!)
c.. Suites only, also include putt-putt and $20 worth of free tokens for the game room

NOTE: All Huts, Combo Suites and Village Suites are together in the same wing of the resort. A Village Suite actually consists of a hut attached to a combo suite. Additional waterpark passes can not be purchased for these rooms beyond the max. occupancy number stated for them below. (see Kalahari’s website for further details)

Huts: 4-max.person hotel style room w/ small frig and microwave, are $94/night (which = only $25.50 /person) (Special Note – When making reservation, can request your hut to adjoin with a specific family who have reserved a combo suite to make a village suite).

Combo Suites: 8- max. person, 3 room suite with full kitchen, dining area, hot tub are $164/ night ($20.50 / person)

Village Suites: 12 max. persons, 4 room suite with kitchen, dining area, hot tub are $244 / night ($20.33 /person)

Nomad rooms: 4 person (with a max.of 6 using a sleeper sofa) hotel style rooms are $108 / night. Rooms include fireplace, mini frig and micro. 4 water passes are included. Up to 2 additional water passes can be purchased at $20 ea. (The nomad rooms are all in a separate wing between the main lobby and Village suites / Combo Suites / Huts.)

Reservations must be made before December 22, 2007 to obtain these super discounted rates, or until the hotel rooms are filled. Reservations made after this date, will not be guaranteed these discounted rates.

We have set-up yahoo group specifically for the UWWG – Unschoolers Winter Waterpark Gatherings. This way everyone can discuss on-line who’s coming and find suite mates (as the best deals are the 8 -12 person suites with the kitchens, free tokens and putt-putt).

Here’s the website for joining the UWWG Yahoo group.

Note – you will need to join the Yahoo group to obtain our “secret code” for making reservations. The Kalahari will be handling all reservations.

Feel free to pass this information along to all unschoolers, life learners, relaxed, eclectic homeschoolers, that you know throughout the country. The more the merrier, as the hotel will fill the rooms with other guests, so better to get more unschoolers filling these rooms).

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