(3 homeschooled children welcoming back the academic year with a tradition of fun. This is the first year we went to Great America’s Homeschool Day, and it will definitely be on the list from now on!)

The good news is, many homeschoolers in the Chicago region celebrate the fall and start of the public school sessions by staying in their pajamas, or going out to breakfast or a museum.  Dang it, I thought we were coming up with something new when we decided to spend the first week of CPS horking up all of the free museum passes and seeing how many museums we could hit next week. Our not-back-to-school events have changed over the years as we try to find one that suits us. We’ve had a picnic across the street, gone to a matinee, met with friends at the park, stayed in our pajamas, and this year, we try horking free passes and going to a theme park. Anything to prevent the summer from ending.
One thing we try not to do is to drive by local schools at recess time and yell “suckers!” That would be very immature, and not the kind of message I want my children to absorb. But it would perhaps be a balance of the energy that is flung our way this time of year about why the kids aren’t in school at the moment.

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