A few weeks ago I visited a website called Homeschool Across America, which is about a family who is taking a 6 week trip across the country to soak in the sights and learn stuff. The mom emailed me recently because it turns out Chicago is on their itinerary! They are looking for great things to do in town. I decided to answer their email with a post here, since those of us who live here might get some motivation or ideas too. I am asking the readers here to chip in with posts and links to their favorite recommended places for out of town visiting homeschoolers as well. Please chime in here directly and/or contact Amy with your thoughts to wish them well. All I have to say is, I hope they blog extensively and take lots of pictures to share so I can get my dose of armchair travel in! I’ll be postingĀ  my links here in another post, hopefully later today!
Some of their message:

Our specific area of interest is in educational opportunities for homeschoolers. For example: Do any attractions offer special rates or interesting programs for homeschoolers? Are there any tours (especially architecture) that are more kid friendly than others? Where are the top places to see, to stay and to eat in Chicago for a homeschooling family visiting the city.

Thank you again for getting in touch. I really appreciate your input.


Amy Haroldson

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  1. on 17 Aug 2007 at 8:59 am Kimbac

    Here’s part of what I sent her on cool things to do in Chicago;

    I would also say the Science and Industry Museum is great! Here’s a link with free days and other museums listed:

    One of the greatest things about Chicago, in my opinion, is the neighborhoods. There are so many vibrant culturally interesting places. We have an Indian neighborhood, a Chinatown, a Korean neighborhood, a Mexican region, and on and on. I’ve never used the service linked below because we prefer to go explore on our time, but it looks like they have a real handle on the areas of interest;

    Oops, and I forgot to tell her about the Chicago History Museum

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