Freebie homeschool tool


Did you ever wish for educational websites to pop in to your life on a regular basis? Well, clickschooling is a good example of that. You subscribe to it (free) and a few times a week you get a link to a math, science, etc…website , usually with very interactive aspects. We’ve been subscribed for a number of months and use about 20 percent of the links. The rest I peruse to see if they apply to our interests at the moment or if they might spark an interest. I usually just forward the good ones to my kid’s email addresses so they’ll have a nice website to check out whenever they log on.
Today’s clickschooling link might be of interest to classical homeschoolers. It is an old text of classical math lesson for the beginnner from 1878, in PDF. Interesting to check out, even if you prefer more modern techinques.

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