Here’s a message from the wizards at the Magic Tree Bookstore. They have been able to keep my daughter interested in writing all summer long now for several years, based on their activities.

It’s been two years since we’ve heard any news about Azkaban, Hogwarts or even Rita Skeeter’s gossip–I mean news. Curious wizards are hungry for updates. We need our roving reporters to fill us in. Submissions from wizards can include classified ads (have a slightly used broomstick you’d like to sell or maybe you perform entertaining magic for parties?) and letters to the editor. Submissions for The Wednesday Prophet may be dropped off at 141 N. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, Il. 60301 by June 22nd or e-mailed to service@magictreebookstore.com. The newspaper will come out July 18th. be sure to include your wizarding world name as well as your Muggle name, phone number and age. The newspaper editor will decide which pieces will be used. Please remember that all submissions must be written in character within the Wizarding World. Please don’t refer to the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling, or ‘characters’ in the books. Oak Park is a real place in the Wizarding world and YOU live here!

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