Great Games in Batavia

If you and yours like a good game, maybe it is time to go to the Great Games Club, hosted by homeschoolers and held every first and third Wednesday evening in Batavia. Seriously, it’s not that far. I mapquested it. Also, in a gesture of goodwill, they allow non-homeschoolers in as long as they play nice and are socialized!

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  1. on 11 Jul 2012 at 9:16 am Jeannette Smith

    Sportsplex of St. Charles is hosting its first FREE Homeschool Open House on July 18th and we’d like to invite your families. Please contact me so I can share the flier with you, giving you the itinerary of FREE Demos, Door Prize giveaways, etc.

    I did send a flier to PaulBunyan@TheInfoRing.org, but it failed to send. Is there a better email to send information to you?

    Jeannette Smith

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