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The Art Institute is celebrating its new modern art wing with a week of free admissions for all! Starting on the 23rd there is a new pay structure. Bring a canned good for their food drive collection and you will be considered cultured as well as charitable.

This Monday at 10am central on Relaxed Homeschooler Talk Radio we’re having a relaxed art lesson for kids with Sharon Jeffus of Visual Manna. All they need is paper and pencil and an internet connection and Sharon will walk them through a typical introductory lesson with her. From my children’s experience a lesson with Sharon […]

(My guests!) Join in tomorrow at 10am on Relaxed Homeschooler Talk Radio and you can listen to and even speak with Ren Allen, the founder of Imagination Tribe and her good friend Laura Bowman the founder of the Radical Unschoolers Network as we jaw about the world of creativity, social networks, radical unschooling, DIY culture,homeschooling […]

    Relaxed Homeschooler Talk Radio is my fledgling talk show on Blog Talk Radio where I explore the world of homeschooling and unschooling with a host of talented and interesting guests with many years of combined experience. I’ve got the next three shows lined up with some amazing speakers you’ll want to hear as […]

This weekend if you can’t make it to the NUG annual family camping trip , you might want to scoot on up to Johnsburg and get your hands on some amazing used curriculum or maybe visit the free open house that follows and check out the extensive homeschoolers library. Yours truly will be there with […]

The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (MSI to us townies) is celebrating its 75th year and offering free days from June 17-22 with a whole lot of special activities inbetween. Check here for details.

Chicago places

(Another Chicago icon) Great Chicago Places and Spaces is offering registration for free children’s tours of some amazing Chicago spots. How about a walking/sketching architecture tour? Or a tall stories trolley tour so you can wave to the tourists going by on their trolleys? May 17th and 18th only. Sign up son.

I’m moderately excited. Missed it last year because I was all puritanical about how late my children could be up for. Now I’ve readjusted my thinking a bit. They might not get the full ‘white night’ experience. I think that should be reserved for college. But why not stay up until midnight one night in […]

  I’ve never been a fan of external motivation as a way to coax children. But I’m conflicted, because I’ve always been a fan of free stuff. So, that is my little conundrum here. Usually, I work it out quite easily by telling the kids just that. And if by some chance I added the […]

  (Frozen days lead to writing!) This morning Elizabeth posted on an older link about their website which listed writing contests for homeschoolers. Thought I’d link to it here so more folks could see. Check out homeschool writers.

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