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Wow, so homeschooled kids are really awesome on computers too?! The wonders will never cease. I am glad the community colleges are wooing the homeschooled kids though. Read the article linked above for the real details. I’ve just been doing some freelance editing and I can’t summarize anymore tonight.

Need to escape heat and light, or maybe rain? Go to a movie for one buck. Don’t be late though, they sell out.

Now is your chance to tell Minnesota Public radio all about unschooling. They need information, opinions and so on. Chicago Public radio,eh, it is a bit too busy this week for stuff like that. But Minnesota will be happy to oblige.

Sometimes it is nice to take a look at our fair city through the eyes of a touring family. There might be something they highly recommend that you have missed. Is your child ready to read the news, but not yet ready for some of the heavier content? Bookmark the Chicago Tribune Kid News for […]

(apparently I am a giant.) It had to happen someday. I’ve been quoted in the media for the first time ever as a homeschooling mom. Although there is nothing to give this article any more validity as media than any blog article I suppose, except for that the author is a graduate student looking to […]

Do you have a homeschooling child of reading age? If so, chances are you know all about Eragon and how it was written by a man named Chirstopher Paolini, and how he was homeschooled and wrote the book while being homeschooled. Well, Eragon and Eldest have been an ongoing obsession of my 10-year-old for over […]

(Mini Water Tower at the history museum) This week in Education Week, a not-Chicago based publication on education, there is yet another juicy article on unschooling.To read the whole article you have to sign up for the freebie membership, which will probably be worthwhile since you are an educator of sorts. If you can’t be […]

(Sled action shots are tricky) If you are the sort of person that gets hooked on signing up for too many yahoo groups and trying to wade through them for gems, then you have come to the right spot, because I’ve saved you much of the wading. It is so great to be part of […]

Unschooling in the press

(Field Museum) There is an article in the Sunday New York Times today about unschooling which features some members of the Northside Unschoolers. Definately worth a read! Overall, the coverage is balanced and expresses well the joy that unschooling families uncover when they learn the way they do, and also the fear that pedagogues encounter […]

Before there was Chicago Homeschool Habitat the blog, there was Homeschool Habitat the podcast.  That was apparently back when we had a lot of spare time as a family on weekends. Recently we’ve had a few requests and questions out of the blue about where we went and why we stopped and will we start […]

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