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Teen Movie Night resumes this year with Alfred Hitchcock. Open to NUG teens ages 13 and up. Movie nights will take place at our house in Sauganash (send me a message for address), on Fridays (see schedule below) from 5pm to 8 pm. Movies will begin at 5:30, with extra time for socializing. We will […]

Teen club at Youmedia (bottom floor of the Harold Washington library, 400 S State St  Chicago)is starting its fall program next week. There is an open house for parents and students Sept. 13th 1:30-3:30pm to come get a tour of the facility and an introduction to some of the projects they will be working on. Here […]

Susan Ryan at Crossroads Conservative wrote a compelling news piece about a court case brought on by the teachers union in Chicago this week that tried to pair up the K12 charter school with the definition of homeschooling in an effort to cut them loose from government funding. The judge involved fortunately had a clear […]

  No time for lengthy blog posts but like your tweets? Follow us on Twitter. All the fast paced homeschool happenings in Chicago and surrounds will be listed there. I guess I better buy a blackberry so I can keep up.

Virtual schools and homeschooling in Illinois have long been separated as a precaution against the public confusing the two. It isn’t easy to keep them delineated like that. People want to blur the edges and that seems to be what’s going on in a new bill in the Illinois House now. Details here. Although I […]


University of Chicago  paper does a piece on an attending homeschooler, who I guess had homework assignments even as a homeschooler.

Grown homeschoolers  share what it is like to transition in to college at U of C. Apparently, they are well equipped to deal.

This is a forward you might all be interested in. By Debbie Schwarzer Co-chair Legal Team Legislative Chair HomeSchool Association of California In February 2008, an appellate court in Los Angeles issued a decision that interpreted California’s education laws in a way that was very unfavorable to homeschoolers. But that decision has been vacated, so […]

Hey, the up-to-date schedule and all the details are there for the wonderful 11th annual In-Home Conference in St. Charles this March 7th-8th. Okay, so they’ve had 11 conferences and we’ve been homeschooling for 7 years. I guess we’ve been to quite a few! They are never a disappointment. There is almost always big fun […]

(3 homeschooled children welcoming back the academic year with a tradition of fun. This is the first year we went to Great America’s Homeschool Day, and it will definitely be on the list from now on!) The good news is, many homeschoolers in the Chicago region celebrate the fall and start of the public school […]

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