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  AJCW has a 6 week Fall semester of co-op classes listed now for young kids up to teens. Looks like tons of fun offerings, like American Sign Language, Model United Nations, Creative Writing (taught by yours truly),the Art of Mentoring, Personal Finance & Riot Grrrlzz  ! The prices are reasonable too. Visit AJCW  blog […]

  Since the holidays are coming around I thought I’d let you  know about a picture book Rain Fordyce wrote about homeschooling which is geared towards children. She guest starred on my radio program Relaxed Homeschooler (show #8) a few weeks ago and shared her experiences writing and DIY producing the book. In the homeschooling […]

Hey, the up-to-date schedule and all the details are there for the wonderful 11th annual In-Home Conference in St. Charles this March 7th-8th. Okay, so they’ve had 11 conferences and we’ve been homeschooling for 7 years. I guess we’ve been to quite a few! They are never a disappointment. There is almost always big fun […]

Resources. Have you ever wanted to recall who directed a film or when it came out so you went to the Internet Movie database and got sucked in to the vortex of information? I have. It is a similar feeling to looking upon a word in the dictionary but then stumbling across the word mooncalf […]

(Been far away doing this….but I’m back and slowly getting in to my many busy activities again.) It is summer, and every once in awhile, as I’m putting on flip-flops or slicing up a melon, I think about the confusing jumble that is the looming fall season. Will the boy finally take music lessons this […]

(The pet in our window sill.) Never a dull moment in Chitown. Here is a calendar over at Chicago Traveler that offers a nice blend of city stuff with events.

The Chicago Defender published an article yesterday by Yasmin Tara Rammohan about one woman’s independent study of African American homeschoolers. The researcher, Cheryl Fields-Smith, gave a speech recently at the American Education Research Association meeting. Fields-Smith has a lot of supportive and compelling things to say about why African-Americans are turning to homeschooling as a […]

Okay, wow. Now it is time to go vote for your favorite blogs over at Homeschool Blog Awards. I believe you can only vote once per category, so pick your faves carefully. I am pleased to announce that I have been nominated in two categories for my blog Relaxed Homeskool, for Best Homeschool Mom Blog […]

Ever want to dance like a fool on cable access TV with your kids in tow and preferably dressed up in costume? If so, you should give Chic-a-go-go a try. Chic-a-go-go is a monthly dance party hosted by Miss Mia and her pal Ratso the puppet who tells lamer jokes than a four-year-old with a […]

Are your kids fans of Mugglenet? Would they get in to a book called “What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7”? If so, they should come meet the author and blogger/podcaster at Magic Tree Bookstore next Saturday the 31st at 1pm, where they can try out their own theories on him. Here is Anoif’s theory: […]

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