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This is a sample of the monthly newsletter Julie Schnepper puts out every month at the Northern Illinois Homeschool Monthly list. Visit there to subscribe. Isn’t it chock full of stuff? Maybe you ought to print it out and take it to your kids swim lessons so you have time to peruse it at leisure. […]

I think I posted about this last year, but just in case you are looking for a thrifty vacation and feel comfortable swapping your home with another homeschooling family, there is HELM.

Here’s a message from Carol about the very fun unschooling trip being planned for January. Unschoolers around the country are invited! Hey Everyone! I just finalized all the information with the Kalahari Waterpark Resort for a winter waterpark gathering that will be Jan 21 – 24 (Mon – Thur.), 2008 Reservations will be directly through […]

A few weeks ago I visited a website called Homeschool Across America, which is about a family who is taking a 6 week trip across the country to soak in the sights and learn stuff. The mom emailed me recently because it turns out Chicago is on their itinerary! They are looking for great things […]

It could be a wet and stormy day, but if you’ve been meaning to go downtown all summer, here’s one more reason to go today: ONE MORE CHIC-A-GO-GO IN MILLENNIUM PARK! CHIC-A-GO-GO AUGUST 26! CHIC-A-GO-GO IN ALARM MAGAZINE! SAVE THE CAR-KABOB! ONE MORE MILLENNIUM PARK PARTY This Summer the Chic-A-Go-Go dancers are part of the […]

(View of downtown Boston from the USS Constitution.) Love to travel and love homeschooling and love home? Juli over at NUG dug this one up and I just had to post it here! it is HELM a house exchange program for homeschooling families. Check it out.

(The pet in our window sill.) Never a dull moment in Chitown. Here is a calendar over at Chicago Traveler that offers a nice blend of city stuff with events.

My first experience with gardening was with a giant rectangle of land in an experimental community garden in Hamlin park. Every day we trekked the 4 blocks to water our haphazard veggie plants and by late summer we were leaving cucumbers and tomatoes on people’s doorsteps! The experience was so much fun and it proved […]

Free movies in the parks all summer long.

Here’s a message from the wizards at the Magic Tree Bookstore. They have been able to keep my daughter interested in writing all summer long now for several years, based on their activities. It’s been two years since we’ve heard any news about Azkaban, Hogwarts or even Rita Skeeter’s gossip–I mean news. Curious wizards are […]

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