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Local legend and math curse curer Kathy Wentz is my guest on Relaxed Homeskool Talk Radio on Monday July 20th at 10am central time. Kathy is a homeschooling mom who teaches, consults,volunteers, speaks publicly and runs one of the nation’s few homeschooling libraries. She is famous for her conference workshops titled “Cure for the Math […]

  Tune in live this Monday July 29th 10am central time here! After a nice long hiatus I am at it again with the online radio shows designed to spread vital info to the homeschooling and unschooling community! This time I have got quite the guy. Blake Boles will be my guest. He was on […]

This Monday at 10am central on Relaxed Homeschooler Talk Radio we’re having a relaxed art lesson for kids with Sharon Jeffus of Visual Manna. All they need is paper and pencil and an internet connection and Sharon will walk them through a typical introductory lesson with her. From my children’s experience a lesson with Sharon […]

(My guests!) Join in tomorrow at 10am on Relaxed Homeschooler Talk Radio and you can listen to and even speak with Ren Allen, the founder of Imagination Tribe and her good friend Laura Bowman the founder of the Radical Unschoolers Network as we jaw about the world of creativity, social networks, radical unschooling, DIY culture,homeschooling […]