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For new and seasoned homeschoolers there is nothing more renewing, encouraging and exciting than the annual homeschooling conference. Here are 2 that are enjoyed in the Midwest: In Home Conference Chicago, Ill. March  15th-17th Unschoolers’ Waterpark Gatherings Sandusky, Ohio Jan.23rd-Jan. 27th    

 The Chicago Homeschool Expo will be here on August 7-8th. It looks like it will be a giant event with workshops and vendors. At this time you can register your homeschool business/venture/group/class, etc…on their spiffy new homeschool directory here.

Its not like science hasn’t saved your ass before.  Great inventions have cooked the bacteria out of your meat, drilled the decay out of your teeth and got you to the 33rd floor for your meeting without costing you more movement than a pokey index finger. But how much time have you spent really thinking […]

Ever want to see a calendar that lists all of the ongoing classes and activities and events for homeschoolers in calendar format? Well, I’ve built it. Now let’s fill it up. This is a post giving you access to the calendar, but there is a permanent page to click on at the top of this […]

A message from the promoter of City of College Dreams expo: My name is Loren Foseid and I work for a production company that is delivering a national college funding expo and we are coming to Chicago on Sept 28th! The tour focuses on financial aid, scholarships, resume building, and literally everything a college bound […]