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I have written about this before briefly but Kelly seems to be so much more eloquent about it… “http://www.chicagohomeschoolexpo.com August 7-8, 2009 – Schaumburg Convention Center Convenient to the Chicago O’Hare Airport The Homeschool Expo is a “don’t miss” whole family two day event with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of products where parents can […]

A note from the co-op directors. If you are interested follow the links listed below to respond. “Hi all– Hope you’re having a good (if slightly wet and chilly) summer so far! Just a quick note that The Community Co-op is currently taking save-a- space deposits for our fall session. We meet in Oak Park […]

 The Chicago Homeschool Expo will be here on August 7-8th. It looks like it will be a giant event with workshops and vendors. At this time you can register your homeschool business/venture/group/class, etc…on their spiffy new homeschool directory here.

  A message from Abbi of Unschool Adventures: Hi there Chicago-ans! I am writing to announce some exciting news: Unschool Adventures has 2 brand spankin’ new trips planned, and you should read all about it! You can check out our website. – or, read the fliers that are attached! I am writing you gals specifically […]

  WHAT: Indoor Rock-Climbing Homeschool Days! WHERE: Vertical Endeavors 28141 Diehl Rd – Warrenville, IL 60555 WHO: homeschool students and families WHEN: 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of each month with the start time at 1pm and ending at 3pm * January 14, 2009 * February 18, 2009 * March 11, 2009 * April 15, 2009 […]

  Since the holidays are coming around I thought I’d let you  know about a picture book Rain Fordyce wrote about homeschooling which is geared towards children. She guest starred on my radio program Relaxed Homeschooler (show #8) a few weeks ago and shared her experiences writing and DIY producing the book. In the homeschooling […]

It may not technically be summer yet. The public schools have one more week but the city is ramping up its free activities schedule for the sudden population explosion that will occur as a result. Far be it for homeschoolers to skip a fun free thing. We’re on a budget too! Mosey on down: Movies […]

This is a forward you might all be interested in. By Debbie Schwarzer Co-chair Legal Team Legislative Chair HomeSchool Association of California In February 2008, an appellate court in Los Angeles issued a decision that interpreted California’s education laws in a way that was very unfavorable to homeschoolers. But that decision has been vacated, so […]

  I’ve never been a fan of external motivation as a way to coax children. But I’m conflicted, because I’ve always been a fan of free stuff. So, that is my little conundrum here. Usually, I work it out quite easily by telling the kids just that. And if by some chance I added the […]

Please forward where appropriate: Greetings! It’s official! Hands on Math: The Cure for the Algebra Curse classes will begin on April 9, 2008, and run for 8 consecutive Wednesdays at The Ethical Humanist Society 7574 Lincoln Ave Skokie, IL (Howard/Lincoln/Skokie Blvd). Specific information is as follows: The Cure for the Algebra Curse: Introduction to Linear […]

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