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(Thanks to Bryan for this picture.) My homeschooling support group has many wonderful activities and I thought I’d share this month’s newsletter so you can consider joining us. Thanks to Lori N. for writing the newsletter! Westside HOUSE Meeting News December 14, 2007 Next meeting:  January 11, 2008 (Note temporary start time) Topic:   Grade level […]

This is a sample of the monthly newsletter Julie Schnepper puts out every month at the Northern Illinois Homeschool Monthly list. Visit there to subscribe. Isn’t it chock full of stuff? Maybe you ought to print it out and take it to your kids swim lessons so you have time to peruse it at leisure. […]

Did you ever wish for educational websites to pop in to your life on a regular basis? Well, clickschooling is a good example of that. You subscribe to it (free) and a few times a week you get a link to a math, science, etc…website , usually with very interactive aspects. We’ve been subscribed for […]

Illinois families can swap and sell their books and curricular materials to each other now via the Illinois Homeschool Bookswap.