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Ah, stereotypes. They always make us feel special. I’ve been trying to ignore this post, mainly because I have enjoyed reading the Huffington Post on many occasions before. Also, because it clearly already has enough comments to represent the whole gamut of opinions out there on the topic, including yours and mine. Basically, it is […]

(Along the Trollway in Wisconsin) The only problem I have with the majority homeschooling/unschooling articles I’ve read in the past year is that they tend to follow a predictable format. They are introductory articles, taking the approach that they just want you to wrap your head around the idea of homeschooling. This is reasonable I […]

Okay, wow. Now it is time to go vote for your favorite blogs over at Homeschool Blog Awards. I believe you can only vote once per category, so pick your faves carefully. I am pleased to announce that I have been nominated in two categories for my blog Relaxed Homeskool, for Best Homeschool Mom Blog […]

(Winter view from the Field Museum) A couple of years ago, I stumbled across an outdated teacher’s calender that had all sorts of cool info on it about holidays with lots of facts and riddles and activities. I’ve been looking for something like it ever since. That is why I was so pleased to get […]

(some goodies to haul home from Hogwarts. Yes, wands, badges, primers and flobber worms in grippum grass.) Well, we’re back from the conference, a day early in fact. This is mainly because we met a stranger in the hallway who was fleeing and said to us “The worst storm of the year is coming!” Which […]

Do you have a homeschooling child of reading age? If so, chances are you know all about Eragon and how it was written by a man named Chirstopher Paolini, and how he was homeschooled and wrote the book while being homeschooled. Well, Eragon and Eldest have been an ongoing obsession of my 10-year-old for over […]

Yesterday morning, I was sitting at a service while a Unitarian minister asked a bunch of kids what they knew about Martin Luther King Jr. One little girl gave a rather thorough explanation of his life’s works. Then the minister asked if anyone else had something to add. A small boy, and this time it […]

(Chriskindmart at Daley Plaza) Not to be outdone by the New York Times article, the Sun Times ran a piece today on unschooling. It is very funny and exciting how any article about homeschooling seems to have at least 10 people I know quoted in it nowadays. This article is very positive, somewhat well-researched balanced […]

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