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Teen Movie Night resumes this year with Alfred Hitchcock. Open to NUG teens ages 13 and up. Movie nights will take place at our house in Sauganash (send me a message for address), on Fridays (see schedule below) from 5pm to 8 pm. Movies will begin at 5:30, with extra time for socializing. We will […]

  The next NUG Parents Support meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 14. This month, the topic is: *Trusting kids (and ourselves!).* Bring your success stories and Aha! moments. What does your kid know/is able to do that you didn’t “teach” him? How is your relationship different from what you observe among your traditionally-schooled […]

Next session at  AJCW I am leading two classes. Details below. Please send me an email if you would like more information or would like to sign up your children.These classes take place on Thursdays in Skokie starting October 25th. See the website link above for location and time details as well as a complete […]

On the tenth anniversary of  the September 11th attacks on America when there were memorials and reflections upon the day and what it meant to the world I paused in my reflecting to recall how I felt that day about homeschooling. It was my daughter’s official 5th day of homeschooling kindergarten. We were making green […]

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Remember the good old days when I used to podcast too? Well, this time I’m trying it again, except without all of that production process which burnt us all out. This time I’m starting a radio program called Relaxed Homeschooler on Blog Talk Radio.  I will have episodes available here as well as […]

Tracks This past weekend I had the rare opportunity to swim in a indoor/outdoor pool at Pheasant Run while feeling my hair freeze. As if that weren’t enough, I was attending the 11th Annual In-Home Conference with a hundred or more of my best friends. We’ve been going for years and have delighted in it […]

Resources. Have you ever wanted to recall who directed a film or when it came out so you went to the Internet Movie database and got sucked in to the vortex of information? I have. It is a similar feeling to looking upon a word in the dictionary but then stumbling across the word mooncalf […]

Power corrupts

(The local homeschooling group ran a fun Olympic day this week. Here are our highlights. The throwing of the doves and the 50 yard dash. Too bad I didn’t take a picture of the awesome food.) Quote of the day: “The main problem we face comes with parents telling us their children are being homeschooled […]

Narry a week goes by without my 7-year-old boy asking “When will it be backwards day?” Sometimes he switches it out and calls it opposite day. The appeal is strong. Instead of being the kid who has to set the table, he’d be the big person who gets to make the meal. Instead of wearing […]

(3 homeschooled children welcoming back the academic year with a tradition of fun. This is the first year we went to Great America’s Homeschool Day, and it will definitely be on the list from now on!) The good news is, many homeschoolers in the Chicago region celebrate the fall and start of the public school […]

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