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Ah, stereotypes. They always make us feel special. I’ve been trying to ignore this post, mainly because I have enjoyed reading the Huffington Post on many occasions before. Also, because it clearly already has enough comments to represent the whole gamut of opinions out there on the topic, including yours and mine. Basically, it is […]

Rain Garden Assistance Program Help keep Chicago clean and green! This summer Chicago residents have an opportunity to learn how to create a rain garden and to receive rain garden plants at significantly discounted prices through a pilot rain garden assistance Program, supported by the Chicago Department of Environment and Rain Garden Network. Rain gardens […]

(Along the Trollway in Wisconsin) The only problem I have with the majority homeschooling/unschooling articles I’ve read in the past year is that they tend to follow a predictable format. They are introductory articles, taking the approach that they just want you to wrap your head around the idea of homeschooling. This is reasonable I […]

Service Opportunities for younger children By Elaine Luther – Oak Park Area Volunteer Center comes out with a booklet every summer of places that accept kids, what ages, what jobs, etc. Animals – Animal Care League accepts kid volunteers, ages 8 and up, with an adult to walk dogs and socialize kittens. Working with animals […]

Earth day is April 22nd, and traditionally (if you consider 30 plus years to be a tradition) it is a day to show your stewardship of the earth in one way or another. In our neck of the woods/playlot we usually take an hour or two to pick up trash and drug bags. There is […]

Yeah, so the Chicago Homeschool Meet-up group went under. I was totally thinking about keeping it going, until I noticed that the organizer has to pay a fee. A what? Charging me money to volunteer? On a website? Ugh. Nah, it doesn’t work that way for me. I think they should get their money through […]

(Go on kid. Tell them how fun Chicago Toy and Game convention was this weekend or your mother is toast.) I thought I heard somewhere that K12 was not marketing itself as a ‘homeschooling’ solution but as a public school at home type thing. Which doesn’t quite explain why they’d pay to have themselves ranked […]

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