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A message from Kelly Ann, the drama momma: Hi Everyone: The Corcoran School’s production of One Thousand Paper Cranes is a world premiere, designed and performed by the Performance Ensemble class. This is a lovely story told by talented and dedicated home schooled students. Please join us. Matinees: May 15th & 16th at Noon Chicago […]

This is a forward you might all be interested in. By Debbie Schwarzer Co-chair Legal Team Legislative Chair HomeSchool Association of California In February 2008, an appellate court in Los Angeles issued a decision that interpreted California’s education laws in a way that was very unfavorable to homeschoolers. But that decision has been vacated, so […]

Get ready to switch off the lights.Gee, does that mean we have to turn off the computer too? okay, for one hour I could do it. “Earth Hour, March 29, 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Earth Hour is a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) initiative to “turn off the lights” in cities around the world for […]

Christine Escobar, a local homeschooling mom around these parts, recently interviewed Liz Edwards for the Huffington Post about their decision to homeschool their young children this year while John Edwards is campaigning. It is a really excellent interview, with Christine clearly trying to extract some opinion from Liz on homeschooling. It appears Liz is so […]

Narry a week goes by without my 7-year-old boy asking “When will it be backwards day?” Sometimes he switches it out and calls it opposite day. The appeal is strong. Instead of being the kid who has to set the table, he’d be the big person who gets to make the meal. Instead of wearing […]

This is a sample of the monthly newsletter Julie Schnepper puts out every month at the Northern Illinois Homeschool Monthly list. Visit there to subscribe. Isn’t it chock full of stuff? Maybe you ought to print it out and take it to your kids swim lessons so you have time to peruse it at leisure. […]

More than 40 homeschool families are organizing and running this toy sale. This is one of those rare occassions where your children can actually buy something for themselves and help other children in the process. For IMMEDIATE RELEASE Kids’ Toy Sale to Help Refugee Children in Kenya. Hoffman Estates, IL, August 29, 2007 – More […]

(3 homeschooled children welcoming back the academic year with a tradition of fun. This is the first year we went to Great America’s Homeschool Day, and it will definitely be on the list from now on!) The good news is, many homeschoolers in the Chicago region celebrate the fall and start of the public school […]

Are you an ecomom? Are your kids in to helping the environment? Would you prefer it if a gasoline refinery didn’t dump 1,584 lbs of ammonia and 4,925 pounds of industrial solids everyday in to the lake that provides your drinking water? I hear ya! We go swimming in Lake Michigan once a week, we […]

My first experience with gardening was with a giant rectangle of land in an experimental community garden in Hamlin park. Every day we trekked the 4 blocks to water our haphazard veggie plants and by late summer we were leaving cucumbers and tomatoes on people’s doorsteps! The experience was so much fun and it proved […]

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