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Close to Indiana? This might be a fun activity!

Removing the School Glasses: Seeing the World of Unschooling Wisconsin’s Only Unschooling Conference! 12 January, 2008 in Madison, Wisconsin Sponsored by H.O.M.E. We are thrilled to be reprising Wisconsin’s only unschooling conference. Our 2008 conference promises to be a fun day of renewing and strengthening your families commitment to unschooling. Or for learning more about […]

(Voluntary boy’s club disarmament captured here.) I prepared this for the Northside Unschoolers Parents meeting last week, which, ahem, nobody showed up to except Lori, who already knows this stuff. So we ended up enjoying Wicker Park on our own little field trip of sorts. Meanwhile, there could be hapless unschoolers roaming Chicago without a […]

I can’t log on to my blogs this week. It keeps coming up “Problem loading page”. I’m looking in to it. Meanwhile, here’s some news about Chicago area homeschoolers.

(Finally found the perfect muffin. Apple muffin avec buttermilk.) Its not every day chef’s come to local kitchens and teach children how to cook! It is not every family who would open up their kitchen to a bunch of 5+ kids either. But put those two together and you’ve got a really awesome cooking class! […]

We just missed out on a feild trip organized by the Burpee museum to go on an actual dig. Now I am intrigued by the rest of their classes. Kathy Wentz, an active homeschooling¬† consultant in the area, shared some details: Don’t forget the wonderful homeschool classes offered at both the Burpee and the Discovery […]

Wow, so homeschooled kids are really awesome on computers too?! The wonders will never cease. I am glad the community colleges are wooing the homeschooled kids though. Read the article linked above for the real details. I’ve just been doing some freelance editing and I can’t summarize anymore tonight.

Hey kids, you can go to college even if you’re an 8 year old homeschooler! Truly. Check out this awesome line up of homeschooled classes at DuPage.


It could be a wet and stormy day, but if you’ve been meaning to go downtown all summer, here’s one more reason to go today: ONE MORE CHIC-A-GO-GO IN MILLENNIUM PARK! CHIC-A-GO-GO AUGUST 26! CHIC-A-GO-GO IN ALARM MAGAZINE! SAVE THE CAR-KABOB! ONE MORE MILLENNIUM PARK PARTY This Summer the Chic-A-Go-Go dancers are part of the […]

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